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Picasso Once More

My mother requested for a city staycation because we lost our power supply last Thursday night and we were told it won’t be fixed soon. As soon as we left for the hotel, my uncle messaged us that the electricity was restored. Ang galing di ba? This kind of sudden gastusan makes me wanna pull my hair out of my head, but I realized, nanay ko naman ito, that I will also be enjoying it, and hello, I  can shell out more for toys and collectibles (my new crack — but that’s for another entry), so why not just enjoy this stay?

My go-to booking app for hotels has been Agoda since 2015. So far, I got good rates and no hidden charges upon checkout. For this weekend, I chose to stay in Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences. First stayed there in 2011 and went back again late last year. It’s the cheapest option considering the location — smack dab in Salcedo Village, a few steps away from Salcedo Market if you opt to stay on a weekend, and walking distance to great restaurants and convenience stores.

FullSizeRender 2 I also like their gym! It occupies two floors, loft-style. They have the basic gym equipment, almost identical than the ones we have in the office gym. I went twice and I was almost alone both times so it worked well (pa-unsocial kunyari) for me. Iba din pala ang feeling when you have a not-so high view of the Makati BCD landscape. A breather from trees and waves of the Manila Bay breakwater, hehe.

We got the very same room we stayed at last time so it feels familiar. Hehehe. The first two stays I was with R, this time with my mom, and with the comfort this hotel gave me, pwede bang next time, jowa naman? Hahaha!

If I don’t let my kuripot side guilt-trip me over small luxuries like this, I can get used to this. It’s like getting a massage or a good mani-pedi We did not go far but seeing that we’re in something different can do good to the body and soul (whaaaat). I will do this again soon.

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Bearable Lightness

It was a sweet and steady Saturday.  I love every bit of it.

As you know, I share a small apartment with my mother and last month, I decided to camp downstairs and make the ground floor my studio-type place of sorts.  Well, it really is like a studio-type apartment because I have the small kitchen, T&B, tiny dining room, and living room — which magically transforms into my sleeping area at night — to myself.  I love the solitude, not that I didn’t have it before, as Mom and I hardly saw each other anyway.  My point is, I feel that I’m living by myself more lately.  It’s hard, especially the cooking/ feeding myself part, and the cleaning aspect, but I’m getting by.

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Anyway, today’s a delightful one because I accomplished a lot.  My errands and to-do lists do not measure up to world-changing advocacies other people have but I’m happy, so I guess that’s the more important thing.  TV stuff here, clean up there, a semi-successful cooking attempt here [you will hardly go wrong with ‘cheesy scrambled eggs’ from Google, hey], mangling of some shirts there, and bam, my morning’s done.

This afternoon saw me at the newly-relocated Filipinas Heritage Library in Ayala Museum.  Isn’t it awesome that they put two of my favorite places in one building?  Anyway, staying inside the library on the 6th floor was a great refuge from the weather outside.  I was one of four library visitors and it was clear I was the only non-researcher.  Still, feel na feel ko pa din.  Three topics were on top of my head as I strode over to their online catalog: migration of Filipinos to the US [more like anecdotes and all those diaspora stories], gender and women studies topics, and Philippine folklore and mythology.  I ended up browsing more of the first, and ultimately asked the librarian for two resources.

First was Hope Sabanpan-Yu’s Bridging Cultures: The Migrant Philippine Woman in the Works of Jessica Hagedorn, Fatima Lim-Wilson, and Sophia Romero.  It’s a short, fluid read about the topic, clearly gleaned from the title.  I deliberately skipped many items because Ms. Yu fleshed out three works of the authors named above, and I will be spoiled by reading her critique.  After this, let’s just say I will look for  Romero’s Always Hiding, Lim-Wilson’s Crossing the Snow Bridge, and finally read Hagedorn’s The Gangster of Love [I have a sinking feeling I left my copy in Taipei because I haven’t seen it since but I’m not willing it].

The second one I borrowed was Leche by R. Zamora Linmark.  Because it was closing time, I only got as far as the 75th page but I can say it’s hilariously spot-on.  If I don’t find it in bookstores, I will go back to FHL and borrow it again.  In addition, and I know the direction isn’t the same, but it made me mentally note of  Alex Gilvarry’s From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant.

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I also bought stuff for a day climb in Batangas this Bataan Day holiday.  It’s been a while since I did this kind of physical activity but I know I’m in much better condition than previous treks.  I also debated whether to get a new trail footwear or not.  I don’t own hiking shoes but in my past climbs and treks I used my trusty Chaski sandals from Columbia.  It looks flimsy but it’s very durable.  Think Sumaguing cave in Sagada and long walks in Bohol; not once did it fail me and now it still looks okay.  Let’s see.  We have a particularly dry weather [hopefully on Tuesday, too] so I may not need stronger, newer sole grips.  My funny concern, in fact, is tripping on flat surfaces.  I have a natural talent for it.

This half-day climb will be for my Dad, as my birthday tradition for him this year.  Will probably expound more on that after the event. If I may confess, I’m also looking forward a lot to our bulalo foodfest, post-climb.  It’s only a day of break so we have to make it count.

I skipped an exhibit opening in favor of a convincing tug to dine alone and read.  The only downside of sorts is that I seem to have an addiction to Starbucks’ Asian dolce latte.  I just tell myself by May it will be pulled out from the menu so let me enjoy it until then. I believe it was a productive reading time [winging it, following XP‘s advice] because before I knew it, it’s almost midnight.  Lest you’re still lost, this is what makes me tick every.single.time.

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I say it’s bearable lightness because it may appear aimless, fluffy, a let-it-flow whichever way kind of day but I enjoyed it: not out of obligation, out of necessity, out of responsibility [well, some were necessary to survive, but you get what I mean].  However, tapping a hidden part of me, there’s still that tiny thought that this may be happier, more delightful, more bearable, if there’s someone asking how it has been.  I highly recommend me times but at the end of a long day, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone waiting? ♥

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  My introvert self wouldn’t trade this Saturday for anything [except for a steamy moment with George Clooney inside a library, but what are the odds of that?].  I am just wondering.  So for now, I’m just going to ignore it.  I had fun.  I hope you did, too.

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thankful, grateful

I am happy and thankful because —

smiley~ I spent my Saturday afternoon going around Bonifacio High Street, with a huge chunk of my time spent in Fully Booked. I’ve been there many times but only at night, never on daytime.  Now that I tried it, I could do it everyday. Over and over.

~ I have wonderful bookclub friends. Major props to TJ for everything he told me. If I’d be stuck in an island, aside from a box of books, I want TJ to be with me. I also want him to be the next president of the Philippines. =) Tata, Gabi, Nicole, Rich and Christian have been great great companions, too (and Venice and Nerie, of course). I love you, guys. =)

~ I bought The Luxe, my I need-to-read-you guilty pleasure for weeks now. Sort of a 19th century Gossip Girl in theme. What’s not to like? =) I’m almost done with it. I should have bought its sequel, Rumors, too. Tsk.

~ I discovered Eva Ibbotson, a British novelist of young adult pieces…although I’m not completely convinced if she’s as good as she’s marketed to be.

~ I bought Revolutionary Road even if I really don’t like book covers of adapted novels with the film’s stars in it. Erwin mentioned it to me months ago and I think I confused it with Reservation Road, which incidentally was made into a movie, too. My Reservation…copy will arrive in a few days. I can start reading them before catching the movie versions.

~ I only differentiated Revolutionary Road from Reservation Road when Kate Winslet was on Ellen a few days ago. I became curious with Kate Winslet so after imdb, youtube and various fansites clicks after, I am smitten by Ms. Winslet. =) She’s another British actor I’ve taken interest in; remember Emma Thompson, and, hello, Hugh Laurie? I am falling in love with their accent, most especially. =)

~I finished my Christmas shopping.

~ I am happy.

~ I don’t despise children anymore. In fact, I want to have them already. I’ve told not a few people that maybe, this terrible and twisted form of my self-love ironically manifested in my low self-esteem MAY be cured by having a child. Let’s see.

~ Someone told me, without any of the obligatory hellos, “You’ll be fine” punctuated by one of the sweetest smiles I’ve seen in my life.  I managed to give a shy smile and I responded, “I’m getting there.”

You are not him, alright, you are not filling in someone’s big shoes. It’s precisely why I am not confused at all, I can definitely tell the vast difference between what was not (and perhaps never will be) and what is worth exploring in due time.

~ I had PopTarts for dinner, after a very long time.

~ The January issue of Vanity Fair, the one with Tina Fey on the cover, arrived last Friday!!! I have not forgiven VF altogether but this is slightly better than nothing. They still have issues, literal and otherwise, to settle with me. Right now, I’m happy to be reading their articles again (hell, I even missed Graydon Carter’s letter from the editor!). Tina Fey was profiledJoseph Stiglitz wrote about Alan Greenspan and Henry Paulson and the economic missteps of the United States. Katie Couric answered the Proust  Questionnaire.

~ I will only work for three days then I’ll have eight days of vacation!!! I think I want to dance…

dancing queen =)dancing queen =)dancing queen =)dancing queen =)

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swamped (but super) saturday

More pointless stories, dear readers. Come on, I know you like reading them. =)

Icon credit goes to, I rarely get up early on Saturdays. These rare occasions include a general assembly where I will get free breakfast, casual get-together with far too many colleagues and a minimal allowance that I can use for some little shopping. Precisely what we had today.

The general assembly was satisfactory even if I missed an hour of it because Raft3r, Marie, Lalaine, Mon and I went outside the venue to scout for fishball and cheap fruit shake stands to wake us up. When we got back, there was a heated debate involving stipends. After everything that transpired, I thought if taking higher studies in labor laws and industrial relations would be awesome. I’m still wondering about it until now.

I found myself in TriNoMa for lunch after the gathering. It was my first time there, and my first time to ride the MRT from one end to the other. =) We had lunch in Conti’s. Their baked salmon made my day but their mango bravo didn’t. I am going back anyway, if only to try their other dishes.

// did a little shopping again to erase items in my modest Christmas gifts list. I just like giving gifts. I’m not your conventional role model of generosity anyway because for every kind of stuff I got for people, I bought something for myself as well, even if it’s not the same kind. So maybe I like giving but it includes myself in the recipient list ALL the time. =)

I was tired lugging my purchases (because they include lots of small ceramic stuff!) so I had a quick bite of cinnamon pecan bun at Cinnabon. It was too late when I realized that I do hate anything cinnamon-flavored. Tsk.

After using tons of energy battling  a throng of people in the train station, I arrived home feeling like a worn out donkey (I like associating myself with elephants or pigs but they don’t get as tired as horses or mules, do they?).


as seen on tvI watched House’s Joy To The World episode for the second time and all I can say is it was a great decision on my part to not have too much expectations because true enough, too many plot lines were cramped in 43 minutes of the show and while I’m ecstatic for Dr. Cuddy getting a baby, it felt too contrived. I still loved the episode though. I guess they made it that way because, hey, they’re on television, and sappiness is quite a norm during the holiday season. It wasn’t as coldly received as I thought it was because Cuddy’s baby plot made it to #2 of’s Top TV moments this week.  Interestingly, House and Cuddy’s kiss five episodes back made it to #5 of Television Without Pity’s Year In Review 2008: Anticipated TV Moments That Paid Off. Yet another interesting news is Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy, was at #4 in 15 of TV’s Sexiest Women Over 40

Hugh Laurie wasn’t left behind since he was in Late Night with Conan O’Brien last Wednesday and oh-em-gee, he’s hosting SNL tonight for the second time!!! I can’t wait to watch this one. Great, great weekend updates, yeah.

I’m off to watch Videodrome now. I cleaned my DVD closet and found it hidden behind Finding Nemo. =) I don’t know if I can enjoy it as I do other weird films because right now, I’m so tired as f*ck. Well, I’ll try. The film made it to a certain list of weirdest films of all time. I would have watched two from the list after this one, having watched I♥Huckabees three years ago (duude, I remember I watched it on my flight back from DC; ah, my so-Mr. Bean traveler moments are rushing back…remind me to blog about them soon, hahaha!). Anyway, I don’t dig the list so much because it surprisingly left out A Clockwork Orange and only included one film of David Lynch while for a time I thought he only existed to make weird movies. =) 


// checked, honestly asked myself, checked yet again and after a few tosses and turns, I can finally say…I’m over it. Not over everything about it but I am over it. It might come back again, it could bear fruit in the future, it may work out after all when I’m 30 as our unserious and silly promise goes, but at present, NOW, I can look at the situation and just smile and mean it. I am happy. I allow myself to feel it because I know what it is. In our last conversation, I gathered he is not happy per se at this point in time in his life, and he only categorizes feel good moments as “fixed and identifiable points”. Whatever he feels now, I don’t know, I don’t care, and frankly, it doesn’t make a difference anymore. I am not fully closing this chapter, he is still special to me, but as of now, yahoo, a very merry Christmas to me, I’m finally out of the woods. =)

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How’s your Saturday?

Justin Timberlake. U2. Madonna. Matchbox Twenty.

They will be here daw for separate performances. How true? I’m excited. My pocket is not.


I cannot divulge the reason but I’m grounded until Monday. Maybe it’s a more imposing term so I don’t leave the house while they’re away. Yes, the house is all to myself until Monday afternoon. Want to drop by? I will not answer the door though. Wait, I’m allowed to leave once. To hear mass tomorrow. But the parish church is only four blocks away…though the after-mass fishballs are something to look forward to. That’s happiness for less than 20 pesos.


I love WordPress’ new dashboard screen.


I am very happy for this freedom. See, my concept of freedom is not to be free to go wherever I want but simply to be left alone in my own little world. Blissful.

How’s your weekend going?

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sleeping beauty

I wasn’t that tired last week that’s why I’m still wondering why my body asked for a lot more weekend sleep than usual. I barely had anything done because I kept on dozing off. Masan moments! Masandal, tulog!

During the times I was actually awake, I watched the first few episodes of the second season of Brothers & Sisters (I’m beginning to love Rob Lowe!) and the first season of The West Wing (which made me start loving Rob Lowe). I also spent time reading my Vanity Fair issues. See, this magazine is one of my guilty pleasures. I started a random collection three years ago after which my niece Lai gave me a subscription as a birthday gift. I renewed it twice ever since, though sadly, I haven’t had enough time to read most of them. Whenever a new issue arrives, I can only manage to read a feature story or two and the Proust Questionnaire. I have most of the 2007 issues and the 2008 issues literally stacked everywhere in the room. Yesterday, I finished two issues, from cover to cover, and it was fun. Except for endless anti-Bush diatribes, most articles were well-written and insightful.  I hope to have more time to read the rest of them to get my money’s worth.

I really rested well this weekend. It’s good and I know I deserve it. I hope it makes me more productive than I already am. 

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W(onderful) W(onderful) W(eek)

Oh yes, it has been a www.

Monday, 06 November:

First day of my three-day leave. No matter how much I complain about my job, I miss it when I’m out. I feel guilty at times, too. I had a mini-errand then spent the afternoon in Starbucks (the stickers, remember?) while reading Guns, Germs and Steel.

Tuesday, 07 November:

Enrollment. See previous posts to know what happened. Decided to spend my day in UP, walking, daydreaming, eating, leafing through pages of books, searching interesting titles from a stack of DVDs. Then here is my P55-lunch happiness from Rodic’s:

There were more tapa beneath the fried egg. The red reflection on the fork was the shirt of the manang who served the tapsilog. The pills are for my regular medication (joke). I was ill then and was blowing my nose and sneezing, much to the disgust of the people I bumped into.

Around 4 p.m., I left QC and headed to Market!Market! Took the MRT, got off in Guadalupe, asked around, and remembered that of the numerous routes going to FTI, Pateros or Taguig, choose the one with C-5 on it and it will conveniently drop you off in front of Market. Waited a while for Iryn to arrive. Shopped a little. Read a few pages. Then Iryn came. Ate a rather hefty dinner at Pizza Company.

It’s been 7 years but nothing changed. It’s as if we only saw each other last week! Too many stories, we don’t know where to start! Of course, we talked about the people who weren’t there (always a fun thing to do, hehe)– contemplated on how hard it is and easy, at times, to be single at 24-25. Stories of our lovelives were surely not left untouched! Was really happy. I told her we should meet more often, especially now that I know how to go there!!! I’m thinking now of fun activities in Tagaytay when Lai arrives in January. I promise it’ll be fun. Let’s say it involves food and spa, hihihi!!! And they’re all on me. Promise. 🙂

Before I went home (I still have a 9 p.m. curfew, by the way), guess what I bought:

The cupcakes by Sonja have been talked about in numerous blogs so I gave it a try. I bought six of them. Unfortunately, the cab driver I got was literally sleeping so the cab swerved a bit in all directions, even if I talked and talked in my high-pitched voice just to keep him awake. Sleep got him, big time. So anyway, the cupcake box had its share of bumps so when I opened it at home, the cupcakes were like this na:

How appetizing, di ba? I felt bad, really. But they’re still yummy. Super.

Then as I was going through my mails, I got this:

Whaaa? Corny ploy to get me to subscribe to The Economist, which I won’t do by the way. So expensive! I am even having second thoughts with Time and Newsweek ‘no. A subscription invite for The Wall Street Journal came a few weeks back, too. What am I gonna do with a regular subscription anyway? I would rather take People or the trashy US Weekly any day, hahaha!!!

Wednesday, 08 November:

Woke up early. Went to Baclaran. Ate at Max’s (the very first Max’s). Went straight to Divisoria after lunch. You have no idea how tiring it was. Divisoria (Ylaya, Tabora, 168 mall) + a few weeks before Christmas + cheapskate shoppers = physical torture, excessive sweat, tired hands and arms, dugyot look without much effort. Garantisado.

Thursday, 09 November :

Went back to work. Did nothing major except for a few “good to go” letters. Spent time thinking of where to dine. Meetings. Happy day. Happy pocket day.

As usual, took pics with friends. Me with a newly-wed friend. Yes, she just got married. She’s happy. She is. 🙂

An attempt to be artsy by shooting Kats while she’s busy browsing her favorite blog— I swear she can’t let a day pass without checking it out (well, that and Lea’s site), even getting frustrated if the blogger doesn’t have an update yet. “Wala pang update si Lori!” Wahaa, close 🙂

Simple but full of laughter. This is the kind of dinner date I want to have over and over again.

Friday, 10 November :

Went back to UP to finalize my enrollment. But before that, I met with Christine to get my necklace orders. They’re cute and affordable. Contemplated whether to have my ID made (ergo wait for 100 years for an Ikot/ Math/OUR jeep or walk– after the million steps I did going back and forth because of my own stupidity with instructions) or just go. I went with the latter. Had a quick lunch at McDo Quezon Ave. Napped in the MRT and before I know it, I was at the Ayala Station. Walked and walked. Bought 2 seasons of a favorite show. Shopped for vanity essentials. Bought books (as usual). Had coffee (stickers, remember?). Napped while at the coffee shop. Before going home, I slipped my way to a commotion which was the bazaar of the Catholic Women’s Club or whatever, as hosted by these filthy rich matronas with their uniformed maids. I headed to the paper section and bought really old magazine issues which can be considered collector’s items, at the very least. Went home happy. Slept early, too.

Saturday, 11 November :

Watched Friends and Gilmore Girls. Watched a lot of videos in youtube. Received a text from my highschool bff that they’re going out. Okay, I will join them for dinner. Had a long bath. Everything happened so fast because I found myself alone window shopping in Glorietta. Thought real hard to snag the items on sale at Dorothy Perkins. I didn’t. I bought pens and bookmarks from National Bookstore instead. And I found something that I fell in love with but I resisted buying. (But I will go back to the store and buy it nonetheless, just wait.)

Sunday, 12 November :

Woke up late– and feverish. Prayed at home because I had to skip church. Felt really sick. Took medication. Watched Friends (then I’m cured, no bull.). Slept early. Not looking forward to work the next day.