Still Distracted

I was home earlier than usual and a tiny part of me was hopeful I could finally publish a post or two in my drafts folder. The coherent ones, you know? But after business-related communications (naks, see, my little online bookshop is making traction plus some Cooperative training opportunities), my fingers found themselves typing Netflix.

My watch list has a lot of unfinished episodes because my attention span has always been really short when presented with plenty of options. I finished the 4th episode of Broadchurch though. It’s been on my list for a time and only managed to start it when the Jodie Whitaker news hit. Right now as I type the half of my screen is playing the pilot episode of The 100. Heard a lot of great stuff about it beyond the book. My motivation to finally start? Been seeing The 100 Funko pops! Hahaha!

I need to be in bed in 45 minutes so let’s see what other “crazy” shenanigans I go into. Grabe, this life. Pero happy naman ako. Hahaha! How are you today?

Year in Review: Can’t Get Enough of TV

Early this year, I posted a twopart entry devoted to TV shows (98% US TV) I regularly watch.  Almost 12 months later, many of them were in the backburner but totally not forgotten; a few still remained; and a few were added to my list of favorites.

Suffice to say, I still watch [H]ouse even with the abrupt departure of Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein made a controversial exit last May).  The Big Bang Theory is still my staple comedy show although I need to catch up with Community.  I have warmed up well to Body of Proof, and waiting for FBI Agent Derek Ames to come back.

I still love The Walking Dead.  The last scene of the mid-season finale left me in shivers – I’ve always been vocal about the search for Sophia after she disappeared in the forest, so when she went out shambling from the barn, it was an OMG moment, until Rick shot her in the head.

Two new shows got me hooked – American Horror Story and Once Upon A Time.  The former is just pure mindfuck.  Veteran actors Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy kill it everytime.  The latter is pure enjoyment and a little mystery.  It’s the child in me, the lover of fairy tales, that got me hooked.  It’s also nice to see Jennifer Morrison on the tube again after her departure from [H]ouse.

Currently, I’m enjoying Homeland, and aside from the plot (relevant tags include FBI, CIA, Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorist, traitor, conspiracy, you get the drift), I also said it that exposition-wise, you have wider ground to play on when you’re on cable (the show is on Showtime).

My latest craze probably is Castle.  I’m almost done with season 3, although I left season 1 for later.  I got curious with the barrage of tweets from my friends so I gave it a try.  It’s fun with your typical crime procedural formula.  I even saw a hint of The Mentalist; Kate Beckett=Teresa Lisbon, Richard Castle=Patrick Jane, Kevin Ryan=Wayne Rigsby, Javier Esposito=Kimball Cho, and probably a little of Lanie Parrish=Jane Van Pelt.  It’s just a formulaic pattern and I hope the fans won’t stone me; the similarities really end there.  For now, I can recite the show’s intro by heart:  There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: psychopaths and mystery writers. I’m the kind that pays better.

There are still a lot I would like to either try or go back to soon (Suits, Revenge, Game of Thrones, etc).  I cannot help it, I’m a TV junkie. 😉 I’m highly anticipating Aaron Sorkin’s show on HBO called More As This Story Develops.  I might also start following a local soap titled Walang Hanggan.  The options are endless.  So little time, really.