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March is for books that are not mine!

EDITED!!! — Well hello there, March. February was a good month for me, reading-wise, even with my flurry of activities.

I said when the year started I won’t dabble into reading challenges but may do customized ones to spice it up a bit. For this month, I thought of cleaning my borrowed books pile. One reason why my TBR pile is too high is because I love borrowing books (taking dibs, convincing people to lend me, however you want to put it!) from friends.

A grainy shot of books generously entrusted to me by fellow booklovers. Which one should I read first?
books not mine pt2
Two more! And yes, that’s my hand making a cameo 😉

Some of these books I borrowed months and months ago. And while I have not heard any of them tell me to return a book or two, it might be high time for me to finally dabble into them. What are these books, you ask?

I have my book club friend Gabi’s copy of The Portable Dorothy Parker for a year and a half now. I started it right then but wasn’t able to pull through. This is the kind of book where you have to be in the mood for, and I have yet to nail that mood again. 🙂 This month though, let’s, let’s!

I also have The Bronze Horseman and Tatiana & Alexander which Gabi also lent me July of last year. I started Bronze two weeks ago but stopped at around page 40. I haven’t gone to the blossoming of the lovestory yet!

The Angelmaker is from my friend at the office, Luke. This will be my first Harkaway read, if ever. I have an e-book of The Gone Away World and many said while they are not connected at all, it’s always best to start Harkaway with Angelmaker. Let’s see. Luke will leave the country in a few months so what better time to read this book than now so I could return it before he packs his things.

From last month’s book session, I took dibs on The Patmans of Sweet Valley from Nerry. It’s my favorite Sweet Valley saga edition (where I never forgot that Alice and Hank were canon!). It made me think of the entire Sweet Valley franchise and how good we all had it back then with the tons of installments of Sweet Valley Twins and High (my two favorites in the series). I wish we can still find old editions. Reprints, though few, are never the same.

And oh, The Love Slave. It’s been a long-running gag in my book club that all kinds of guilty pleasure books be categorized under the The Love Slave umbrella. This book is an Ex Libris Philippines symbolic tome, mind you! 😉 Since our theme of sorts last month was about love in any of its forms, Tata had to whip it out of her bag straight to my lap. Of the pile, I may really pick this one first.

When the movie version of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas hit Philippine cinemas, I wanted to read it but was not keen on buying a copy. My friend Celina brought her copy during one of many football matches we watch live and said I could read it first. That was September 2012. I remember trying reading the first page and giving up right then. The last time I saw Celina I said the book is still with me and she encouraged me keeping it because she’s not ready to read it yet either. 😉

Main Battle Tank and No Country For Old Men are from another friend at work, Diego. I want to believe he gave them to me already because he’s done reading, but I’ll double-check. I don’t think he gave them to me because I might be interested; for all I know he sees me as a human bin where books can be dropped off when you’re done reading. Well, it works for me! I have no keen interest in military warfare at all, although finally owning Code Name Verity and Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy might spin me toward this direction. Might, because these are YA fiction books and Main Battle Tank is non-fiction! At any rate, let’s see. No Country is something I started but had to put off because of a zombie novel [which I also haven’t finished — are we close to defining mediocre reading now?]. If I don’t finish it this month, I may next month because of another loosely planned reading theme.

In addition: D.C. Noir is from my friend Shei (the same person whose HP and the Deathly Hallows I’m still keeping somewhere here in the house!) which she smugly told me she found in Booksale for 5-repeat-5 pesos! An Akashic noir book for five pesos!!! I borrowed it right before I went to DC for training last year but forgot it in the office. Boo, me!

The Natural History of the Senses is something my friend Thess has been telling me about since that lull in a meeting of our employee association four years ago. At an employee gathering last month, she handed it to me. It looks so new I wonder how crazy careful she must be when reading a book. I must take care of it really well. 😉

So there. I will not be able to wipe them off clean from my to-read pile but finishing a few will be awesome.

What’s on your reading plate this month?

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Showcase Sunday (3)

Showcase Sunday is a meme hosted by Books, Biscuits  & Tea.  It aims to highlight our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders each week.


It’s a happy time for Fully Booked frequenters like yours truly this week because of its marked down books in almost all of its branches.  Their branch in Bonifacio High Street is also celebrating its 6th anniversary, so there are tables of books for as low as P50, and the rest of the items are 20% off.  Yesterday, we also had our monthly book club session so that also meant more books to add to my pile. 😉

Here’s what I got for myself this week:

Showcase SundayTHE BRONZE HORSEMAN and TATIANA & ALEXANDER are from Gabi, as she promised to lend me these two when, a few months back, I casually mentioned I was in search of a great Russian romance story.  These books came highly recommended, adding I will be a crying mess afterwards, and that, “It will be a cryfest like you’ve never cryfested before.”  Hahaha 🙂  Let’s see, let’s see.  They’re chunky books and you know how I struggle with chunksters!  So I promise to conquer these two soon.  I like crying over a great romance story so that should get me through.

LEVIATHAN and PATIENT ZERO I bought in Fully Booked for 20% off.  I couldn’t wait for the upcoming book sale season where they will still be 20% off anyway.  I’ve been eyeing Leviathan long ago, and Patient Zero, well let’s just say the zombie apocalypse theme won me over.  I only tried Maberry’s Rot & Ruin zombie YA series (not even done with it yet), but so far, I like how he writes his zombies and other accessory characters.  I may even finish Patient Zero earlier than my current reads (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN included, I have my ‘I like morbid violence’ moments, but cannot really sustain it, oh well).

I could say these acquisitions are pretty conservative considering there’s a very generous book sale going on.  Sometimes this makes me nervous because I may have to make up for it soon. LOL.

What books did you get the past week?