Maybe Next Time, Marathon.

In a few hours the class of 2017 of The Bull Runner University will officially run their first (or second) marathon and a small part of me (yes, there is a small part of me) is sad that I won’t be a part of it.

I signed up for the TBR Dream Marathon back in August. The motivation was laughable and shallow, although I don’t include it in my reasons why I’m not joining the event. I was wait-listed and then got in in a space of two days, paid the fee the next day, and the week after that, I started going to the office gym. It was a very good start.

The next weeks saw me in my regular running routine. Pikit-mata, I invested in a Garmin and in more decent workout clothes — before that, my “workout” clothes were the free singlets from the races I joined in years ago. I read on techniques and training schedules. Like many first-timers, I worked on my stability and endurance and planned on my speed next. I did not get to the focusing on my speed this time! part because, well, my routine started crumbling down.

Before it did, I managed to run one 16km and one 22km. Slow but nonetheless successful. My biggest achievement there was not feeling overly exhausted — hey, I was sllooooowww) and was able to go to work the next day as if nothing happened.

On the first week of December, I got acute gastroenteritis (that SM Aura restaurant and their lousy handling of greens was my culprit, haha) and was unable to train for a week. After that, the holiday season was in full swing and it was also a busier time at work, so I didn’t go back to training. In hindsight, they were all excuses. Then January came. I could have gone full blast in training to make up for it, hey I even found a shortened training calendar leading up to February 19, but the momentum came crashing down. It was disheartening but it was a battle I was sure I already lost.

I paid for runs to cover long distance training for January and February, but had to sell them. Good thing I was able to! Sayang din yun pera, ha.

Then just when I thought I was just extremely undertrained, and perhaps, I can still go and run on marathon day (the cutoff was 9 hours after all!), I was faced with a more serious medical emergency that totally put my marathon plans off the table. I was even scheduled sana to join a mountain hike so as not to feel bad for missing the marathon but even that was prohibited. My take is I am really not meant to do any physical activities during this period.

Anyway, I know it’s not going to be the only opportunity to run 42km. If the chance presents itself, I know I’m not going to be a total noob anymore. I did not regret the time and money I spent in the past months, even with a whisper in some hidden space in my heart that I won’t be able to do it anyway. In fact, one of  the things I miss is the great feeling after working out. I thought that sluggishness was endemic in my system but apparently it’s not! Hahaha! If only for that as a basic motivation, it might be great to poke the territory again.

For now I can only wish that all the marathon dreamers finish strong and safe. I was witness to the amount of hardwork and dedication they had. The friendship they formed is also something to be proud of. Perhaps someday, I’ll meet them, and it would be nice if it’s at a marathon route. Let’s see!

16.8k, here I come!

Six races within five months!

One of my bigger goals this year is to run 16.8 kilometers and that will happen in this October’s Adidas King of the Road race.  The event will be a championship race after qualifying legs in other Asian countries namely Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Early this year, I said that I will start running 10k.  As of this date, I ran in 6 races already. I’m happy with my performance although I know I can still improve, thus the 16.8k goal in four months.

Since February, here are the races I participated in:

  1. Condura Skyway Marathon – February 6, 2011, Skyway/BGC
  2. Run United 1 (Unilab) – March 6, 2011  , BGC
  3. Run Against Trafficking (RAT) Race – March 13, 2011, McKinley Hill
  4. Hyundai Fun Run – April 2, 2011, Roxas Boulevard
  5. The G.O.O.D. Run* – April 3, 2011, BGC
  6. Goldilocks Anniversary Fun Run – May 15, 2011, BGC

*I ran 5k here because I ran 10k the day before.  It was a wise decision for a newbie runner.  It would be too stressful to run 10k in two straight days!

I missed two runs I registered in: Run For Japan (April 17, 2011) because I didn’t hear my alarm clock go off and Run For Integrity (May 29, 2011) because I felt I was coming down with something the night before and it’s that time of the month which almost always makes me anemic (this is an entirely long story that’s too TMI unless you’re my future husband, lol).

Running comes more naturally to me now.  My experience with 5k runs last year had a lot to do with it.  Lately, I decided that it’s high time to make a personal record (PR) each time I run.  I’m still struggling to beat my current 1 hour and 40-45 minute-PR because I lack proper training.  I also wasn’t too serious with losing weight — I’m overweight and face it, it’s hard to run as it is; it becomes harder when you’re lugging excess pounds of flesh and muscles with you!

So now, apart from modifying my eating habits (more on this when significant results are evident!), I’m also following Hal Higdon’s Novice training plan for marathoners.  In a nutshell, it requires me to run a set distance each week of training, with ample rest days, and cross training days.  I identified my cross training activity to be my Zumba class every Wednesday after work.  I feel that the training plan works well for me.

My next run will be on June 11 for Mizuno Infinity Run.  I ran 5k in Mizuno last year so it feels great having to participate – and level up – a year after.  I’m also registered for’s Runfest on July 24; I was also part of its first runfest last year.  I’m also eyeing Manila International Marathon (June 26), Yamaha Run For Heroes (July 3), and Robinsons Fit & Fun Buddy Run (July 17).  A 5k trail run is also in my race plate this year.

I am determined to make the most out of my training and participation in actual races so I can finish 16.8k alive. 🙂 I have 18 weeks to go!

My next running update would hopefully have more interesting bits and pieces of information.  Vamos a correr!