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Ramen Dump

The disconnect between my steady stream of ideas and the urge to write them down is still not fixed but I got to push it, push it, push it real good, ‘no?

I checked my Media Library and discovered I uploaded most of my food shots when I had to give my old Android phone to my niece. So you might see plenty of food posts in the future JUST BECAUSE. For now, here’s my ramen dump.

Left to right, clockwise: (1) Yoshinoya‘s classic beef ramen. I bought it because I love corn. It was okay; (2) I tried Ersao along Pedro Gil almost two years ago, the kuchay did a lot in improving the regular ramen flavor; (3) Mr. Kurosawa‘s tonkotsu tempura ramen is one of the tastiest I had in recent memory; (4) it may not be as appetizing as it looks but this special Taiwan beef noodle soup from Suzhou Dimsum (one of the best hole-in-the-wall in Ermita/Malate!) is tops. This serving is for sharing but on days when you are really craving for tasty soup, one can finish it off just as easily, (5) this version of Maki Mi by Kwong’s Provisions (they used to be in Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall, too bad they closed down) was really good even with its kinda gelatinous consistency (lomi-like but better — sorry, I don’t eat lomi kasi); (6) oh Red King from Ramen Nagi! I tried it when my nose was stuffy and it worked wonders (as it should). I liked Nagi’s Black King ramen better though.

I remember a few more ramens I have tried but did not take photos of. If I have to round up and rank them, I will still go for Suzhou Dimsum’s! Not only their ramens and noodle soups, they also have good (but cheap!) xiao long bao. I suggest you try this long-standing hole in the wall along Mabini Street. They moved a few blocks from their original location near Music21 in Malvar St. ; they are farther down Mabini going the direction of Quirino  Avenue.

Eat more, live more!


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Robinson’s Ermita Needs More Bookstores

My post’s title could not have said it more directly: Robinsons Place Ermita needs more stores that sell books. I don’t want to think that books don’t sell there, it’s just a matter of putting them in good locations and basically existing. Put them there and people will come. I remember a Dymocks branch when I was in college at the Faura Wing, where Healthway is now. It was huge and pretty but it must have been the entire Dymocks franchise that pulled out because I don’t see any at all now. Powerbooks closed last year, replaced by Yakimix. I saw the branch manager in Powerbooks Shangri-La (so nakilala ko pa tlaga sya, di ba?), and he said it’s going to re-open, he just did not know when and where in the area, because apparently Robinsons wanted the wing where they were to be solely composed of restaurants. With other Powerbooks branches closing or shrinking, I don’t want to hold my breath for a re-opening anymore. Thus my cry: Robinsons Ermita needs more bookstores for variety and more book choices.


Face it, our dependable National Bookstore isn’t a sufficient source. If it can expand to accommodate more books, it would be a welcome change. Their shelves are not as extensive and need more organization, if I may say.


There is also this permanent fixture of a sale table. Nothing has changed in the last three months or so: no new books added to the pile and no one has bought any anyway — as far as I can see.


Up at the fourth floor next to Max’s is Chapters and Pages. There was another one of its kind in front of Paeng’s Bowling Center but it disappeared. This one has few but sometimes very good finds but with its location, I don’t think people would remember it when they come to the mall.


Of course, Booksale. I am glad it is always full of people — whether they are buying or simply using it as a meeting place, it’s still good, I guess. They used to be right in the middle of the old wing where more people pass by but it’s not exactly conducive for book browsing. They have been at this area for close to three years now.


If you go outside the mall, at the Faura side, there’s the independent bookstore, Solidaridad. It does not carry contemporary mass market titles but it’s still a popular joint for readers. I like going here (and the sound of the bell when the door opens is music to my ears; weird ba?) even when I don’t buy anything, and I’m happy it continues to exist.


Inside Solidaridad where you will find a treasure trove of Filipiniana books.
Still inside Solidaridad. They have very interesting collections of books.

At any rate, I still believe that the mall needs more bookshops. Of course, if there will be more independent book stores within the Malate and Ermita area, it would be more awesome. Did I miss some? Anyway, there are universities and plenty of national agency offices in the area with people who I think would be interested to flock to different bookstores when they are nearby. I’m really hoping it happens soon. If I get very filthy rich, I’d actually do it, but now that I’m still poor, I can only make this appeal — more specifically, hey Fully Booked, I noticed you do not have a branch in the city of Manila AT ALL. Maybe it’s time you consider the idea. 🙂

Bookworm Judie

the greatest slob of all (with a tinge of “nerdity”)

…i would like to think it’s not me. yet. as for the nerd part…that i am, i know. and you see how amusing it is that the sense of being a nerd can be called nerdity. fun. like, “she’s doing those scenes in the nude, so she’s into nudity.” hehe, nonsense. 🙂

i idled the day watching tv (with occasional naps in between) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. i’ve come to devour tv shows as if i haven’t watched for a decade. i figured it’s about time to stop when i was trying to flip channels and nothing happens—because i was pushing the keys of my cellphone. then my mom literally dragged my ass off the couch and asked me to take a bath.

after a refreshing shower and a sumptuous dinner (to finally seal the record-breaking day of consuming the largest amount of anything edible in a couple of years), i did a little reading and now i am here, typing this post. despite the malfunctioning AC, today signifies one of the best perks of life.

frankly, i am going back to my old reading habits. and i so like it. as i said, since the year started, my reading phase has kinda taken the backseat. my interest waned but i kept on collecting books nevertheless. i guess i grew a fascination for magazines (vanity fair and glamour in particular) that i prefer flipping through them rather than reading a chapter or two. i was obsessed with reading last year, and now i’m happy that i’m feeling the itch again. this came after a supposed phase of exploring other areas i could enjoy, such as sports and trying to have a lovelife. i do not plan to totally scrap those activities because of the “regained reading itch”, i’m saying it’s just a relief that at last, i have something concrete that i wanna do, in case several of my other activities do not fluorish the way i want it. not all people will agree with me but READING is so fun. it is. i dunno how many readers of this blog enjoy a solace and a fresh glass of juice to read. i do enjoy it, and as dorky as it seems…i love spending time in libraries. well, i use to nap there sometimes when i was in college but in general, i feel good whenever i’m inside one (and heaven when i’m in a bookstore).

i just noticed that i started many books but got uninterested before reaching halfway. examples are jonathan kellerman’s flesh and blood (seems okay but i dunno why i just lost interest), anne rice’s taltos (coz i have not read lasher, which was given to me eight years ago and i have not read it yet?), the rule of four (a gift from doris…and it’s not you of course, darling, i just find it too slow compared to the da vinci code…whose ending i didn’t like but it’s nevertheless, well, fast-paced. the only thing i kinda like but isn’t enough to hold my interest is the way of life in a university. i so miss it.), a heartbreaking work of staggering genius (maybe it’s too fresh after reading the hunt sisters book…i dunno), and the devil wears prada (the font of the paperback copy is just too small, it’s annoying!). the most recent ones i finished were john le carre’s the constant gardener (i guess i blogged about it already) and carlos luis zafon’s the shadow of the wind (which is a real great book, i highly recommend it! the intricacies of their lives…oh man. fantastic.) currently, i got back to the young adult genre and am reading libba bray’s a great and terrible beauty. it’s a bit harry potter-ish, and it’s a good read…not too sappy, even if it’s set in an all-girls school in london. speaking of harry potter, i may need to flip the pages of HP 1-3 for re-familiarization, and read books 4 & 5. my friend and boxing buddy rachel sent me an e-book of book 6 but i can’t start it coz i know i’ll be lost. before i get to that, i may start reading the books of asian/oriental authors just to see what other people has been raving about. i got the following with me, and i intend to read them as soon as i could:

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

and still to patronize asian, much more our very own, i have a copy of f. sionil jose’ ermita waiting in my shelf.

at this rate, i am happy and excited but you know, i won’t be so plastic to say that i wish that my man would have a tinge of william thacker in him 🙂

p.s. birthday shoutouts to my niece lai on the 22nd (i sooo miss you, girl!) and lyndsey on the 24th (HK disneyland, even as a post-birthday treat! *hint hint*)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!