The Plague of the Vague

img_33761One good thing with our social media accounts is how we can post something, anything, that can be for someone without actually naming that someone. We are all treated to this everyday, and let’s admit it, there are times when the angry ones are the juicier ones, the more that catches our attention. On the other end, when you post something non-warfreakish with a person in mind, we carefully craft it albeit vaguely, but it reeks of ‘This is for you, hope you get it” undertones. If the person is dense or uninterested, your message will just be liked by equally clueless friends (because that’s what they’re there for, minsan kahit hindi nabasa, like lang agad — nasa friendship code ba yan?!), and will be drowned by more pressing posts. In short, mapapanis. :-p Lucky for you if the intended recipient read it yet didn’t do anything. Luckier if the intended read it, got it, and sprang into action. Ang haba ng buhok mo, girl. Ang pogi mo, boy.

On the other hand,  your “vaguely crafted” message will also be read by people other than the intended recipient, unless you restrict it to just the two of you (which will beg the question, hello, how psycho can you get?!). If it is a declaration of feelings, a pronouncement of whatever bubbling up inside, a subtle invite – lahat yan will be open to interpretation, and you have to be prepared for these, erm, possibilities. Particularly with regard to invites, we can be so engrossed hitting our target, tapos iba ang tinamaan. A different one took you up on it. That will be so awkward to decline. Sige nga, ngayon ka magmaganda.

This blog post is a big obvious example of such vagueness. (Sana nga na-gets mo.)

This is exactly what I thought as one of the downsides of being vague. There, the very lazy word sana.

Life is too short and the cyberspace is so vast to not be specific. The vagueness protects us from putting down all our cards on the table, it allows us to guard our heart, but at what cost?


It’s okay now…what are you still worried about?

I watched Bride Wars with LC today. My first movie for 2009! I was scheduled to catch ‘Benjamin Button’ (why are Brad’s movie titles so long? Remember that one with Assassination?) but Rach had an urgent errand so we postponed that [Spinsters Inc.] movie date to next week.

I’m not much fond of Kate Hudson nor Anne Hathaway but both of them were cute in the movie. Yeah, cute. The movie was cute, too. I cannot think of other words because watching it did not require much thinking anyway but it’s still entertaining. I like the songs used in the movie! Will look for its soundtrack soon. My favorite of all is Happy by Natasha Bedingfield. It’s amusing to have heard a song and you don’t appreciate it much until it’s used in a movie. I love it so much I think it’s going to be my birthday song. 🙂

Got my dreams, got my life, got my love
Got my friends, got the sunshine above
Why am I making this hard on myself
When there’s so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy

Oh yeah, birthday vibes coming in and they couldn’t be more fantastic.

I wrote something in my journal a while ago with these feelings hovering in my head, and mushy as it may seem, I actually cried a little bit. They’re the happy kind of tears though. I guess it’s the cotton-fluffy feelings brought by the weather and my guiding moons and stars aligning perfectly at this time of year.


When I got home, I was glad to catch up on the second half of the Missouri leg of American Idol auditions. Confirmed! I officially like Kara Dioguardi!


You do not alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!
– wedding gown shop sales assistant, commenting on the risk of gaining weight between buying a Vera Wang wedding dress and the actual wedding day

The International Butter Club? You mean you’ve actually been sitting around eating sticks of butter?
– Daniel to Liv, asking about the baskets of goodies she thought he has been sending her to be thoughtful

These two lines, along with Marion St. Claire’s lines at the end which I failed to remember completely, were reasons enough to like Bride Wars. I give it 6/10. 🙂


Got my dreams, got my life, got my love
Got my friends, got the sunshine above
Why am I making this hard on myself
When there’s so many beautiful reasons I have to be HAPPY?

I just had to repeat that because it made more sense now.

I once wrote, I always have this fear that I will never measure up to anyone and it will be the reason why I will be left behind…(T)hat’s why I eagerly try to be this best person I thought he would like…losing a large chunk of who I really am in the process. I wrote it in particular reference to how I deal with men but I realized, I have been doing it in many of my relationships, with many different people, for a damn long time. So not healthy, right? I will change courses this year.  Anyway, much more of this is in my journal, I simply can’t help but share a sliver of my thoughts because I’m feeling good about almost everything now. Birthday vibes, positive aura, name it, I probably got it. I hope it stays for good. Three days to go!!!