The Big Holiday Catch Up

It’s that time of the year when we find ourselves cramping our schedule with get-togethers. In a way I view it as a blessing having friends from different sets of interests and from different times in my life. The bonds forged is still there and in some groups, new people were added to the mix to nourish the relationship. It is funny that we have 11 months in one year to do this yet we all find the necessity and push to finally do it when December comes. It doesn’t matter that it’s a hectic month to begin with – less workdays therefore more work to squeeze within business days, horrendous holiday traffic jam, gift-shopping – yet we still do it on an annual basis: furiously find common dates and mutually convenient locations to finally hangout even just for a short time. I wonder if friends ever said to each other, “Next year, let us not do it this way! Let us plan way ahead!” and actually went with that plan. Maybe it did happen to others but certainly not in my groups. I still love all of them so I really don’t mind at all. Regardless if my sleep has shortened to less than six hours a night which the mid-thirties in me really struggles with already.

img_9634One other thing I noticed is how delayed Christmas gift shopping for friends and godchildren was, not just with me but with many of my close friends. Is it the schedule? Finances? Both? Much like shopping for back to school supplies, we cannot entirely presume that people do last –minute shopping because they don’t plan well or they like to procrastinate. Sometimes – or in this economy, most times – it could be because the capacity to buy comes around the same time as well. As Miss Universe said, teach yourself the silver lining in this situation; the desire to give is still alive!

However, we really cannot discount the convenience of planning for it months ahead. I know someone who takes advantage of mall sales to buy gifts in toy stores, way before December. A toy or two, and before you know it, you have your godchildren covered, gifts-wise. It may also help to do the same when you travel. Last year we went to Guam for a long weekend and found great items at reasonable prices in Macy’s and GPO mostly for kids aka godchildren and young nieces and nephews. That was November; so by the time December came we only had to buy for a few adult friends. So yeah, planning and timing are key.

When you find yourself minding the same kind of “happy dilemma”, that is good! Sharing your presence and your affection through gifts are sufficient manifestations of generosity. You may not be able to meet everyone or give everyone gifts because you have limitations (and frankly you really do not have to) but when you are in the midst of this December holiday craziness, then perhaps that is good enough. Happy holidays, everyone!

Merry Christmas!!!

tigger-xmasSo this is Christmas. What have you done? Wow, I’m asking myself the same thing.

This day doesn’t feel so Christmas-y, have you noticed? I’m not being Grinchy though. I’m not expecting anything fabulous either. Technically, today signals my first day of a rather long break which I should use very well to prepare for the long grind that’s 2009.

I’ve done nothing but eat (lechon will be the death of me, if not now, maybe in the future), stare in space, and watch House.  Sorry, I have not even returned text messages! I’m planning to reach a hundred messages before I do, hahaha.

Speaking of House, I’ve been too worked up on season 3 (2006-2007) and oh elves, what a fun it has been. I think people in the house are annoyed because I’ve been glued to Sophie (my laptop, who will turn one soon!) since last night. Anyway, I missed a lot in this season because I did not watch it in chronology when the Detective Tritter arc was on. Most very good episodes aired this season however, and even after two years, I can still say that Half-Wit, the one with Dave Matthews‘ awesome guest performance, is the best episode that season. It’s also where Cameron kissed House to get a blood sample (ok fine, House kissed back but sorry, House kissed Cuddy two years after that, and it was longer, hotter and more needy, y’all). Oh, it’s where House faked cancer. And where House grabbed Cuddy’s ass (“One small feel for man, one giant ass for mankind”). I liked this episode so much I watched it again with audio commentaries from David Shore and Katie Jacobs, the creators of House. Don’t be so surprised, I’m a real dork that way, and I really like watching episodes with audio commentaries.=)

My friends have hot stories to update me with so I’m excited to plan my next few days. My nephew, meanwhile, wants to go to the zoo. Today. I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do.

I guess I’m not as ecstatic as most people are given this supposedly festive day but I did try asking myself if I’m okay, and my answer is yes. Oh wait, I have not even opened my presents! I guess it’s still a cool Christmas after all.

Thanks to Jennifer for my Tigger Christmas graphic.

Return of the Judie!

Wow, it’s only been 9 days but it felt like ages ago. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss internet surfing like I used to whenever faced with a computer crash, an out-of-town vacation or a simple crazy week involving non-computer activities. Nagbabago na nga ata ko ng priorities, hmmm.

Anyway, I hope your Christmas celebration went well and in less than 48 hours, we’re going to ring in the new year naman! I’ve told most of my friends that I really feel that 2008 is going to be very very wonderful for me!

I’m making this update now using Simone. that’s what I named my laptop. Yihee!!!


Kahit medyo namumutla pa dahil sa poor lighting ng shop, here I was very excited when they unwrapped and prepped Simone for me.


Simone is a Compaq Presario V3000; the specs are okay for my semi-literate internet life. For 12 payments with 0% interest, I took it as an advanced birthday gift to myself. Right now, I’m still getting used to its interface, having used a desktop computer for about 10 years. For one, the fonts appear differently. I am in love with Georgia point 10 and somehow it appears differently when viewed in a laptop. The same goes for other fonts. Ganito ba talaga? I’m not complaining though, just wondering.

I’m operating on a 30-day trial of Windows Vista, too. I heard some not-too-nice feedback about Vista so I don’t know yet if I’m going ahead with it after 30 days, or go back to XP. It’s a simultaneous learning phase for me lately, with the laptop and ito ngang Vista. Mukhang hindi nga user-friendly but I’m a creature that only takes some getting used to then I stop complaining altogether.

And why Simone?

Hindi ko pa man nabibili, I was thinking hard na of what to name my laptop. Bakit kailangan may pangalan? I just like it. My digicam is Sandrine, my iPod is Sophie. My TV is Travis. My (former) monitor was named Dora Diamant, accompanied by Jack Rudolph, the CPU. So when I got the laptop, wala pa rin akong pangalan. On top of my mental list actually was Simpson; and only because I was thinking of something that has lasted for a long time and ang naisip ko, The Simpsons! But you know that feeling, yung no matter how stuck you were with a name, there’s a feeling that it wasn’t it? I was in that state.

Then yesterday, I bought a bargain book which happened to be the memoir of Simone de Beauvoir. I realized, that’s it. Simone. It sounds okay, plus I thought yung expectation ko everytime I pass by the AS bookshops in UP na meron na sanang copy of her book, The Second Sex, says that I have an inclination to like Simone the name. In fact, I also included it in the list of possible names of my future baby girl, just because it’s the female variation of the middle name of a former crush na politician. Hahaha!!!


I have a lot to do before the year ends – long overdue cleaning of a year’s worth of trash, kasama na din doon ang pagwawalis ng personal demons. Na-miss ko ng kaunti ang Facebook eh, pati Flickr, but I would like to blog soon about the different Christmas celebration I had (even though I gained 1 million pounds and 500 mosquito bites when I got home), and the movers and shakers of my 2007. This has been a joyous ride. 

oh, dear God

I might be selling a scrape of my liver anytime soon. It’s supposedly my kidneys but I have unhealthy ones so it might not cost that much.

See, I thought I was done with my Christmas shopping. After all, once you’re able to give a little something (I mean literally little) to many people, that should be ok. Unless utter self-love sets in and creates havoc in your pocket.

I was scheduled to buy the last among my presents, the one for my Mom, when I was lured to take the Adriatico 2nd floor wing route in Robinson’s, ergo passing by Mango which screamed that all of its items are 50% off. Egad.

Long story short, see you next month with your higher figure, mi credit card bill. To console myself I just think my credit limit is chipipay compared to others so I need not worry about the total bill even if I maxxed it out. Besides, I can always go to another third world country, assume a different name, and start anew. Hahaha, ang overacting.

It’s not only about the clothes and bags sale. Again, I was only buying an iPod travel charger when fate mocked me again and made me see, in the leftmost, almost hidden corner of the DVD racks behind the Astrovision cashier, this:


Haaaaai! It’s the sole set of the branch and I was told they won’t probably have more because no one buys it. Hahaha. No one but me! I think I just had an orgasm (a mental one) when I held it. I’m so happy.

The image was from Amazon; I took a shot of my own DVD set but my computer acted up again so I can’t upload it, which brings me to my next story as I really terribly need to replace that computer with a new one. Which entails more expenses, by the way. Even if I have it fixed and sold to an officemate.

I did fix my computer a little bit last week but since I’m really no computer expert, it’s bound to act floopy again. And it did. I have some pictures to upload, some files to download, some videos to erase (ahem, hahaha), so I just need probably one last commune with it before I give it up. With the level of my spending power, I can perhaps afford paying for a laptop on an installment basis (which will last for 18 years, hahaha!!!).

Hay, life.

But if at the end of the day you feel happy and ecstatic with the things you did, I guess they’re all worth it. Tao lang eh.

Merry Christmas one and all!