While I was out…

I feel like I was knocked out of this world for weeks.  Turned out it was only two agonizing days.  I did not have H1N1, contrary to rumors, and I will not even dignify it by a clarification.  All I know is I’m happy to be back.  I have not changed, unfortunately for my “success and determination gene” that was in action via my brain as I was waiting for my high fever to go away completely.

I'm back by iiicon at LJI’ve had time to think of a lot of things, including where I am now and what I plan to do with this “now”. Eh, when you’re cured, it’s very seldom that you totally change your outlook especially when your normally screwed up self has been happy with little moments.

I felt a little bad missing work since I have been riled up since Monday because of this momentum whose origin I cannot place. I wish it would still be there when I return on Monday. 🙂 I missed this month’s Game Night, too. 😦 So, what has occupied me in the last 48 or so hours? Here are some of them.  Note that half of the time, I was feverish:

  1. Before death snatches me away, I wish to read my almost-a-thousand books I laboriously (!!!) hoarded since I started receiving a paycheck. 
  2. The reason my unread book pile was only gradually decreasing was my habit of starting a book and not finishing it.  I once told myself reading should not be something I am forced to do just because someone has read this book or that graphic novel already. It does not mean I will not return to those I started reading, I just need to regain the interest to go back and finish it. 
  3. The reason above is also why my extensive bookmark collection does not look close to “extensive”. Well, they are serving their purpose, hopefully they’re happy inserted in between pages of lots of my books.
  4. Jai Ho. My mother discovered she likes Jai Ho. Only now.
  5. The West Wing.  When you are losing confidence in the quality of network television shows, watch any season of this show and it will restore your faith.  It’s compelling, stimulating, just awesome.
  6. Only four people have sent me text messages in two days.  One of them was a reply from my boss acknowledging my request for days off.  The other three were from my office friends asking for updates about my condition.  One even inserted seeing man/boy in the lobby; I wasn’t surprised, she’s always been his biggest fan and I didn’t want to burst her bubble by saying something back, so I didn’t. Hahaha.
  7. No, I wasn’t disappointed that I only got few text messages.  I was happy with what I got and besides, had it been too plenty, I doubt if I would respond to all. Hehe. Remember my twisted reaction to attention?
  8. I developed a girl-crush on Kim Kardashian.
  9. I should not be but I am bothered by the person whom Lisa Edelstein is dating.
  10. I tweeted about it and I’m going to repeat, when I forget why I get lusty over John Mayer, I just watch something like this, and it all comes back to me. Douchebag, douchebag, yeah yeah yeah, but I really really like him.
  11. My geeky phase is not going anywhere.  Half the time I was in sickbay, I kept on thinking how much I was missing: my LJ friends, Twitter, FP updates (yes, yes), Salon updates, and my favorite House fan forum (agreeing to disagree, in complete sentences, not adlgtjebsdjgkhl!!!1). 
  12. Abbey Bartlet, the fictional First Lady. I once said how I like watching people like them.  I am not hotwired to be a kind of “Super Woman” but I am always in awe of their kind. Maybe it’s the way the character was written, or it’s Stockard Channing, but I’ve not seen dead-pan so loving and composed.  If I can only be half as great as women like those fictional ones, I would be happy.  Here’s one of plenty calm and composed Abbey Bartlet scenes I love:

ABBEY [to Josh, then running the campaign team]: You can say it, you know. It’s not like I haven’t heard it before.

JOSH: Your husband’s a real son of a bitch, Mrs. Bartlet.

ABBEY: He doesn’t like being handled.

JOSH: Well, I think that if he looked around, he’d see that nobody’s handling him.

ABBEY: He’s not ready yet, Josh. He’s terrified (of being nominated to the Democrat primary).

JOSH: Well, is he going to be ready?

ABBEY: (smiles) You bet your ass he will. In the meantime, you want to kick something, kick me.

There.  Two signs I’m really feeling okay now: I’m still up at 2:45 in the morning and I blogged with almost 800 words. If they still don’t tell you I’m back, tell me what will. Hay, na-miss ko kayo, payakap nga! Hahaha 🙂


Mortality at Forty

What’s with all the heightened fuss on turning 40 among all other years in a person’s life?

I know many people who view forty as a new beginning, something to look forward to, a stage of liberation. I share the same sentiment.

Anyway, I mentioned it because my favorite Hugh Laurie once made a pact with his friends to kill themselves when they reach 40.  It didn’t happen of course and he in fact recently inched to being 50 years old last week!

One friend used to say he would die when he’s forty until he (metaphorically) hit his head on a pavement and changed in a creepy, ‘It’s like I don’t even know you anymore (in a hallucination Amber Volakis voice)‘ way.

Then last Sunday, I was reading Notes From The Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the unknown protagonist mused, “I am forty years old now, and you know forty years is a whole lifetime; you know it is extreme old age. To live longer than forty years is bad manners, is vulgar, immoral. Who does live beyond forty? Answer that, sincerely and honestly I will tell you who do: fools and worthless fellows.”

I still don’t know what’s with forty.  Nevertheless I am not cynical about it.  I still get scandalized by how fast time flies but turning forty doesn’t make me think of gloomy things.  If my fantasy blueprint would come to life, when I hit 40, I would be practicing law, my husband and I are still crazy about each other, our first-born is 8 years old, his sister is 4 and our youngest boy just turned a year old. What’s not to like? 🙂

losing my blog mojo

…I tried retracing my steps, by the way. It’s really gone somewhere.

I hang out a lot in Twitter so you can check the right side for updates on my crazy life. Even if you don’t, you won’t probably miss much.

However, let me try. In a nutshell:

  • I loved last Monday’s episode of House. I still didn’t like Cuddy’s hair.
  • I got crazy and bought DVDs. I now have the complete set of The West Wing and the first seasons of Boston Legal, Damages, Moonlight and the classic Twin Peaks. Yo, TV time, here I come.
  • As much as I like hearing about other people’s lives, the direction that the case of Mrs. Failon is heading to disgusts me. I personally believe it’s suicide. It’s not something we always have to disprove just because there are inconsistencies.  Maybe I’m just coming from an overload of discussion over a fictional character’s suicide but at the end of this argument, just like what the elder Failon child said, this is a tragic event in the family, it shouldn’t be made into a spectacle.
  • I got crazy and bought more books.  Think of a heroin addict who cannot help but grab all heroin he could find. I’m like that.
  • I almost cried because even if I constantly find something to whine about my job, reading an awesome evaluation from my boss makes a huge difference. To my ego, sure.  I felt guilty after reading it. But it will be false humility to say I did not deserve it so a sincere thank you was the best I could do.  I thanked my boss and he told me, in jest, that he even has more to say that he can’t put in the evaluation. I jokingly replied, “Sir, I know that I’m beyond words.” Hahaha! Seriously though, it’s the best picker-upper after a succession of shitty painful events.
  • I loved the ‘save’ that the judges did for Matt Giraud.
  • Chelsea started a little segment in her show called Lately Lexicon and guess what’s the first word she defined? Yup, coslopus. Hahaha!
  • I always catch myself daydreaming about going to the beach.
  • I always catch myself daydreaming about Jason Segel. The twisted part is not thinking of him as in him but it’s like I used him to have a physical reference to think of a guy I think I’d like to be with. (Let’s not be hypocrites, we all do it, hahaha! Although knowing me, this may just be neurosis.)
  • Check out my desktop! I love it =)


That’s it. Cheers to life, no matter how it pummels you to the ground one second then lifts you up to the highest of clouds the next. Ganun talaga.

highlights of my day

This was all of Cuddy’s appearance in House’s most recent episode, LOCKED IN. An episode which was awesome, by the way.  I’m happy that the writers are getting better with their installments as the season draws to a close.

This may not interest you at all especially if you do not watch House. However, I just loved seeing Cuddy care for House like this.  She even used the same concerned tone when she asked ARE YOU OKAY? as in THE ITCH (which is the episode after their kiss).

I am a House/Cuddy shipper but I’m not  as floopy as the others who freak out at every NO CUDDY sighting. Come on, guys. Watch the SHOW. Anyway…if it makes you happy, go ahead.

I still want to be like Dr. Cuddy. Hmm, should I do something to make [my] House limp as Cuddy’s House does? Hahaha, I hope it didn’t come across creepy. I don’t mean to hurt anyone, physically, just so a limp and the use of a cane would be justified. Oh well. Madness.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

vf-aprilGuess what arrived today!

My new obsession (which I refuse to justify anymore, not only because I cannot explain it, but because…what do you care?!) JASON SEGEL, and one of my favorite funny men PAUL RUDD, and more, featured as “Comedy’s New Legends”.

Yeah, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, et al have to step back a little now. This new breed though, I have yet to appreciate them all as most of their aim in every movie is to depreciate the value of women. Nonetheless, Jason makes me smile. Yay.

The feature spread along with a Madoff for dummies-like article, plus Rachel Maddow, Valentino in the Proust Questionnaire, and rethinking the American dream make up an interesting issue.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I’m expecting to put my new “babies” as another highlight but I canceled my pick-up because my box partner will be home late. This weekend, my babies, momma will get all of ya. =)

WHAT WEEKEND??? A little later after I published this post, I got a call, and to keep it short, I decided to pick the books up from her place. Most of them are mass market paperback copies of suspense-thrillers and military/government espionage.  I was never into them, I was content browsing them at store shelves; thought it might be high time to give them a try.  They would not be springing in multitudes if there’s nothing in it.  The others are hybrid fiction novels.  Here’s a little preview of my new loot:

new books (well, some of)My night visitors. Well, some of. Pardon the darkness of the picture, LOL. (top to bottom):

From The Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg;
Riven Rock by T.C. Boyle;
Enigma by Robert Harris;
Goth: A Novel of Horror by Otsuichi;
Night Witches by Bruce Myles;
Bushpig by Carol Preston;
A Graveyard For Lunatics by Ray Bradbury;
Billy Bathgate by E.L. Doctorow;
All Too Human by George Stephanopoulos (crushie);
Good As Gold by Joseph Heller.

As a replacement, let’s just say I ALSO got new ones, albeit electronic in format.



natural high

In here  – feeling good, Game Night, Mafia Wars, various food, various activities, man/boy, baby names

ang-saya-saya– I feel very productive. See, it’s only Tuesday! I won’t allow anyone or anything to pop this feel-good balloon.  

– I’m hosting Game Night on Friday. I feel excited and giddy and funny and more. When I feel them things usually go well. I hope. Well, it’s a night to have fun so it should be easy.

– A weekend out of town. My no-burst fluffy bubble is soaring high. I’ll just worry about my finances later. Damn you, fiscal crisis.

– I deliberately chose to feel good about most things in my life that my biggest concern now is how to get bodyguards in Mafia Wars. That Hitman job that’s supposed to yield me bodyguards has been greedy and random. With my level (currently at 62, yipee!), it’s hard to fight other mafias and actually win (to earn bodyguards), because my mafia family only has 24 people.

– I ordered a bagel with bacon, egg and cheese at Starbucks. They gave me a bagel with tomatoes, basil and cheese. I did not complain anymore. The universe wants me to eat healthier.

– To compensate, I went shopping. =)

– I am looking at 19 days until the day and I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. (*Thinks of my no-burst happy bubble.*)

– Funny that my bestfriend and I have the same predicament with men; we (man/boy and I) may not be kissing (and other related activities) but all else considered, we’re (my bestfriend and I) fucked up the same way. Hahaha! Anyway, man/boy may not be AS good looking but he’s definitely way more intelligent (not necessarily sensible, but you get the drift). Just saying. =)

– I am so into Twitter. I rarely ‘tweet’ but I’m enjoying the ‘tweets’ of Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, John Mayer, House writers Sara Hess and Doris Egan, even Omar Epps and Stephen Fry. Ha! Celebrity whore! Does ‘following’ the State Department’s official Twitter account (mind you, I was ‘followed’ as well!) vindicate my Twitter stalking?

– I appreciate lots of food (I’m not picky at all) but one of Restaurante Pia y Damaso‘s dessert choices, Sisa’s Dementia, stands out in my list. It’s terrific, it is made of win! Truffle cake with white chocolate almond pastille, dark chocolate mousse and ganache – you just have to try it. Rarrrr. It’s the only reason I keep on coming back, even if the others in their menu are just so-so.

– My blood stream is now powered by/running on Coke Zero. I’m almost sure. That thing simply keeps me up and about!

– I’m doing well at work (I think), I’m generally happy, I am always out, but my reading is really taking the backseat. I don’t feel as guilty as I used to. Maybe I know they will just be there waiting for me anyway. It’s a shame to admit that I almost don’t like reading now but I just tell myself it will pass.

– I think I’m going to name my future daughter Sasha Olivia Judienne. Just a thought. Sasha is actually a Russian male name, a variation of Alexander. It has a nice ring to it so I’ll stick with it. I’ll go for Jakob Alexander for my son. Maybe I’ll put Vladimir in the middle. This trumps, once again, my current list of potential baby names. My babies hopefully would come in 10 years or so, that’s why there’s no need to rush.  I’m just keeping my (ever-changing) list handy. For now, Mommy’s gotta sleep…no, watch Chelsea Lately, and then sleep. =) 

x x x

Normal’s Overrated

A short PAINLESS recap was in line as today’s blog update but I’m putting it off to give way to the following pictures. The whole production of House teamed up with National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) to raise funds for said organization. They launched the shirt during their 100th episode party.  It would have been cooler if they expanded the statement shirts to feature the lines in their season five promotional picture; but hey, this is cool as it is. Being a non-US resident, I might have a hard time securing one, especially since the shirts are of limited quantities. I’m sure those who will get the shirts will be happy. 🙂

Here are a few pictures, and I have to give huge thanks to Danielle’s LJ for the last four images below. More pictures are in her journal!

<b>One very charitable HOUSE.</b> Click the image to go to the online store.

One very charitable HOUSE. Click the image to go to the online store.

where the hell is Robert Sean Leaonard?

What's up there? House M.D.'s 100th episode party and the launch of House Charity Tees for the benefit of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). One question though: where the hell is Robert Sean Leonard?

Double Adorable! Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison at the episode party.

Double Adorable! Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison at the episode party.

Awww, Cuddy and Chase! Lisa Edelstein and Jesse Spencer at the episode party. I don't think I've seen them in a picture together until this one.

Awww, Cuddy and Chase! Lisa Edelstein and Jesse Spencer at the episode party. I don't think I've seen them together in one picture until this one.

Olivia Wilde is hot. Nothing further to say.

Olivia Wilde is hot. Nothing further to say. This post ends here as well. 🙂

good, bad, ugly

No links to relevant information. You got here on your own so you should know how to Google or Wiki stuff that you wish to know more of. Hehe, ang taray.


Kate Winslet’s double win. I was keeping myself steady after a nasty semi-vertigo attack when I heard her name called as the very first recipient of the night in the Golden Globes. Long acceptance speech, haha. I tuned in again towards the end when she won again and man, a longer acceptance speech. What she said to Leo was touching. Friendship rocks.

House’s Lisa Edelstein, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Morrison were BEAUTIFUL especially when they were walking down the red carpet. It’s too bad that TV stars get somehow eclipsed by movie stars in events like this. Dapat hindi ito pinagsasabay. Unless it’s like here na whoever’s on TV is also in the movies, and lo, nasa mga billboards din sila everywhere.

My box of books, which I split with my friend Tin, arrived today, too. Tin got most of the contents, ako konti lang. Late Christmas gift/early birthday present ko na sa sarili ko.

My top seven books among those that arrived today. Ewan if it’s my Hugh bias or what but I skimmed The Gun Seller and nakakatawa sya, though I imagine Hugh Laurie pre-House playing the hero in the novel. The rest of the books are interesting. Look ’em up in Amazon. Come on. 🙂

Addict, o. I read one book of Ken Follett and I liked it. So ayan, major hoarding. See, nagugulat pati si Jackie, my pet cat.

Share ko lang. When I was PMSing, remember? I am close to finishing that book. Isusunod ko yung sequel of sorts nyang French Women For All Seasons. Then kasunod na yung Japanese Women Don’t Get Old Or Fat. Just to compare…although heavily inclined na ako sa Japanese…kasi, well, I’m Asian, and sample recipes mostly involve a greatness that is tofu. Hahaha! And look at my bookmark!!!!!


I called in sick. Damn. I thought I was on a roll after my inspiring “This is how you do it well” mood last week. Yabang yata kasi kaya ayan, karma. Let me say that I do not skip work if I have a slight fever (nothing a heap of pain pills won’t cure especially while in an office that’s way way quieter than if I stay at home) or upset stomach (our pink restroom cubicles are cuter than our own). But if it’s dizziness, vertigo-like, as soon as I get up from the bed (with matching tingin pabalik sa kama kasi baka ang katawang-lupa ko eh maiwan na natutulog pa, you know, old shit), ah no, hindi ko kayang ipagpalit yan sa fluffy feeling of work motivation. Sorry. Sabi naman I didn’t miss much. It’s only my pride that’s hurting now because I lost one day of being able to kick ass. Hahaha. I never successfully do it naman, when did I ever kick ass/es , so yeah, one day’s nothing.

Hugh Laurie and House lost. Okay, I know it’s too narrow-minded to always assume Hugh or the show deserves everything but despite the strike, last season wrapped up very well for them. Siguro hindi ko lang napapanood yung mga kalaban nya. Pitting actors on TV is ridiculous naman in a way, and I’m paraphrasing what Hugh said – it’s absolutely fine to evaluate actors to determine the best among them in a year if they all played the same role (he cited being Jack Bauer as example). Thing is, may serial killer slash pulis, may psychiatrist, may retro na ad executive (what a description), may brilliant but annoying doctor…ang hirap i-subject sa isang strict set ng criteria yun. Atsaka, they are only looking at a submitted episode, na kahit from the producers themselves, the supposed best in the season, kalokohan pa din. You have to base a performance on the consistency of whatever criteria na meron yung kung sinuman ang nagbibigay ng award. Ewan ko sa kanila. And no, hindi naman ako bitterella. I am going to watch In Treatment soon, benefit of the doubt ba. Most immediate in my lineup is Mad Men. Tignan natin.


I did an accounting of my finances and man, I’m screwed na pala. Well, only my definition of screwed (which will remain a secret, haha). My principle before was kung walang pera, wag bumili. Hmm, it’s convenient to say I totally made a complete insane turn four years and two credit cards with extremely evil credit limits after. Di bale, I’ll be fine. I just felt bad because I have not made a single solid investment. On the brighter side, I asked myself kung sumaya ba ako sa lahat ng paglulustay na yun? Sabi ng sarili ko, oo naman. Time to pay for them through living with the consequences and maintenance of awesomesauce work chakra (basta meron nyan).

I have something to manage my dizzy spells. What I don’t have, and only because I only felt the thing today, is for my heart. The literal heart, ano ba. Kasi, I always sleep on my left side, di ba? And it’s a position I’ve always been comfortable in, kahit hindi sa act ng pagtulog. Pansin ko lang, when I do it now, I feel a tingling coldness in my chest and my heartbeat, though it’s neither fast nor slow, eh sobrang lakas ng dagundong, to the point na I can even hear it pounding in my ears. Giant leaps and bounds. Weird. Nung una awesome. Pero when I realized I could die, naku, tumayo ako agad. Should browse my HMO’s list of accredited cardiologists nga.

I’ll sleep early because I have the world to save tomorrow. From what, that’s for all of us to find out. *wink*

‘I love people. Really, I’m in favor of them.’

First, let me marvel at the dull and boring greatness of this day.  For the fourth consecutive day, I still amaze myself by DOING a significant amount of work. =)

Anyway, on to something that made me smile (other than the fact that my ‘Portia’ COULD BE ushering out of her romance-less sphere after two years! YAY!) –

Hugh Laurie won Favorite TV Male Star and House MD won Favorite TV Drama in last night’s People’s Choice Awards!!!

hugh-laurie-pcaI know, it isn’t a surprise at all since PCA notifies the winners beforehand.  In the live blog, when someone wrote that Jennifer Cameron, Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein and Olivia Wilde arrived in succession and walked down the red carpet, I knew then that House would win.

Anyway, Teri Hatcher presented the Favorite Male TV Star award.  Just a quick sidenote, I like Teri but I don’t like her character, Susan Mayer, in Desperate Housewives. I don’t know why! When I watched Hugh’s acceptance speech with Teri by his side, my mother recognized her still as Lois Lane. Hahaha!!! Well, her cluelessness isn’t new, when Hugh walked to the stage, she was surprised why he’s not limping. Duh. Hahaha! Oh well, Hugh’s speech wasn’t as witty as his previous ones but it’s still adorable. House fans are total dorks. I totally grasp how obsessed they we all were in voting that’s why they won. =) Another live blogger said that when Hugh was called, people stood up supposedly in reverence. Yahaha, in the video, the people who stood up were his castmates! Plus many people were standing throughout the show! I proudly pointed it out to Erwin pa naman and he congratulated me on my boyfriend‘s win. Anyway, tons of people were happy for him. That’s what matters more.

PEOPLESCHOICE/When the show’s cast and crew went up on stage when they won Favorite TV Drama, Hugh said, “I don’t know who these people are“. Hahaha! But he also said, “This is just a small representative sample of the 200 or so people who worked so hard to make the show. They couldn’t all be here because this is all the tuxedoes we’ve got.” Looking at the 20 or so people behind him, he added, “This is a significant number because this is exactly the number of people who watched the show when it started going out five years ago.” Yup, he’s probably right.  Admittedly, having American Idol preceding them during the first season helped them but they have grown their own sturdy legs and limbs after that, evidenced by consistently high ratings even when the American Idol season was over. And and and! This year, it’s the only network show nominated in the Golden Globes — meaning it’s pitted against cable shows who have gained both popularity and critical success since 2007 (in the Screen Actors Guild, there are two network shows out of five: House and Boston Legal). I have not watched each and every network show that didn’t make the nomination but it’s amazing to see House getting up there, quality and sudden hype of cable shows considered.

camcuddy-13-pca-2009All but Kal Penn was in the event.  The pictures of the cast were adorable.  Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard, based on numerous red carpet photos, arrived together. Bromance even IRL! =) Anyway, I found an equally adorable picture of the women in the show! That’s Cameron, Cuddy and Thirteen right there. Lisa Edelstein’s still kicking ass with her figure at 42! She doesn’t look that much different from Jennifer Morrison who’s 29 and Olivia Wilde who’s only – get this – 24!

< < < Pretty, pretty =)

One more workday and this bleak but awesome week is over. Capping it with the first Game Night of 2009 and a movie. Then I’m not very certain yet but I think I know what path to take FINALLY. I hope it stays on longer because if it does, I’m definitely going ALL IN. =)

thankful, grateful

I am happy and thankful because —

smiley~ I spent my Saturday afternoon going around Bonifacio High Street, with a huge chunk of my time spent in Fully Booked. I’ve been there many times but only at night, never on daytime.  Now that I tried it, I could do it everyday. Over and over.

~ I have wonderful bookclub friends. Major props to TJ for everything he told me. If I’d be stuck in an island, aside from a box of books, I want TJ to be with me. I also want him to be the next president of the Philippines. =) Tata, Gabi, Nicole, Rich and Christian have been great great companions, too (and Venice and Nerie, of course). I love you, guys. =)

~ I bought The Luxe, my I need-to-read-you guilty pleasure for weeks now. Sort of a 19th century Gossip Girl in theme. What’s not to like? =) I’m almost done with it. I should have bought its sequel, Rumors, too. Tsk.

~ I discovered Eva Ibbotson, a British novelist of young adult pieces…although I’m not completely convinced if she’s as good as she’s marketed to be.

~ I bought Revolutionary Road even if I really don’t like book covers of adapted novels with the film’s stars in it. Erwin mentioned it to me months ago and I think I confused it with Reservation Road, which incidentally was made into a movie, too. My Reservation…copy will arrive in a few days. I can start reading them before catching the movie versions.

~ I only differentiated Revolutionary Road from Reservation Road when Kate Winslet was on Ellen a few days ago. I became curious with Kate Winslet so after imdb, youtube and various fansites clicks after, I am smitten by Ms. Winslet. =) She’s another British actor I’ve taken interest in; remember Emma Thompson, and, hello, Hugh Laurie? I am falling in love with their accent, most especially. =)

~I finished my Christmas shopping.

~ I am happy.

~ I don’t despise children anymore. In fact, I want to have them already. I’ve told not a few people that maybe, this terrible and twisted form of my self-love ironically manifested in my low self-esteem MAY be cured by having a child. Let’s see.

~ Someone told me, without any of the obligatory hellos, “You’ll be fine” punctuated by one of the sweetest smiles I’ve seen in my life.  I managed to give a shy smile and I responded, “I’m getting there.”

You are not him, alright, you are not filling in someone’s big shoes. It’s precisely why I am not confused at all, I can definitely tell the vast difference between what was not (and perhaps never will be) and what is worth exploring in due time.

~ I had PopTarts for dinner, after a very long time.

~ The January issue of Vanity Fair, the one with Tina Fey on the cover, arrived last Friday!!! I have not forgiven VF altogether but this is slightly better than nothing. They still have issues, literal and otherwise, to settle with me. Right now, I’m happy to be reading their articles again (hell, I even missed Graydon Carter’s letter from the editor!). Tina Fey was profiledJoseph Stiglitz wrote about Alan Greenspan and Henry Paulson and the economic missteps of the United States. Katie Couric answered the Proust  Questionnaire.

~ I will only work for three days then I’ll have eight days of vacation!!! I think I want to dance…

dancing queen =)dancing queen =)dancing queen =)dancing queen =)

smack dab in the middle of jen

Almost everyone in my circle knows that one of my celebrity guilty pleasures is Jennifer Aniston. She’s splashed in most gossip magazines and celebrity blogs that it’s really not possible to miss her at all. She hit the headlines once more two weeks ago for breaking up with John Mayer (whom I learned to really like after all this, Jen or no Jen).

I sincerely do not believe that her personal life’s machinations were all deliberately done to counter any Brad/Angelina/kids publicity. She doesn’t seem like someone who would purposely do something to get people’s attention. In fact, she has been called ungrateful many times; to her fans, to the media who stood by her, simply because she did not care to acknowledge the support by being gracious with interviews and details. For her, she just lives in Hollywood, she gets photographed every time, but above all of it, she doesn’t care at all. Many people love to hate her, I know. And they actually have a point in saying that Jen can never be compared to all those celebrities out there to save the world.

I know that it is noble to help and inspire, especially if you are a celebrity, but it is not an ultimate barometer of your worth and goodness as a human being if you are not into philanthropy work. Is Jen apathetic? Probably, to an extent. She has helped several foundations, hung out in various political dinners, but since she was not heard taking a tough stand on issues, she still fell short of many people’s expectations. Again, granting that she is not out there reaching out to Africa or adopting babies, does it make her less of a person than Angelina Jolie or Madonna? If she is not yet a mother at 39, does it make her less of a person than a mother in Colorado with 14 children (by the way, refusing to have children is a far cry from having a hard time getting pregnant – yes, it’s a fan in me talking)? I don’t think so. Well, if you think otherwise, I totally respect you, too.

Anyway, okay, riding on the assumption that Jen and her PR team (aka Stephen Huvane, the publicist?) have been doing rotten tricks to keep her in the news, I appreciate the article in New York Magazine about what was wrong, and what could be done to change their course. It’s somehow dead-on. An excerpt:

Granted, Aniston’s in a tough spot. Since her marriage to Pitt imploded, she’s been the tabloids’ favorite lovelorn punching bag, forever yoked to the glittering Brangelina and unfairly — not to mention archaically — doomed to be branded a dried-up crone until she spawns and/or gets hitched. So the suspiciously convenient timing of Jennifer’s long-term relationships could be seen as self-preservation. For every “Brangelina’s Baby Joy” headline, we’re spared a matching sidebar that cruelly screams, “ALONE IN MALIBU,” or “WHY JEN CRIES.” We’d want to avoid that, too.

…this weekend’s breakup not only didn’t surprise us but made us sad for her. Aniston used to be America’s most-loved comic actress. Now, thanks to her counteracting all that Brangelina PR with obviously labored stories — full of suggestive pictures and coy denials — about her own love life, we’re barely able to name a single thing she’s has done lately that doesn’t involve hanging around with a bunch of notorious man-children. Or, worse, signing up to star in forgettable rom-coms with titles that hit a bit too close to home. The Break-Up was bad enough, but He’s Just Not That Into You? Honey, no. There’s self-awareness, and then there’s masochism.

In fact, until we recently caught a late-night rerun of Friends, we totally forgot Aniston is actually quite charming and talented. If she really wants to prove she’s risen from the ashes of her marriage — and who can blame her? — she ought to take a page from Nicole Kidman’s book and let a kick-ass career be the best revenge. After all, she can’t beat the Jolie-Pitts at their own PR game, but a memorable guest stint… a self-effacing cameo, or even a regular TV gig would do the talking better than the tabloids ever could. Remind us why we took a shine to you in the first place, Jen. They didn’t make those “Team Aniston” shirts for nothing.

The article has many debatable points, particularly about the assumption on Jen’s calibre as an actress. I’ve seen too many rants about it, too, so I will not defend her at all, because it’s not going to end. It has always been a perception game where no one really wins. What peppers this kind of celebrity preference is the one-track mentality of liking someone in order to hate someone. It’s just pathetic.  Now, this may be very jurassic and frankly, so above and beyond the actual people involved, but we (okay, Rachel and I) are happy for Brad and Angelina’s seemingly perfect family (we mean it), but we will always be on Team Aniston. No problem with that, right?

short and honest

I am not comfortable with Jennifer Aniston and latest boyfriend John Mayer.

Jen namaaaaaaan, ano buzz.

Then again, kung saan sya happy, e di sige na. Nagfi-fiesta na naman sa kakapintas ang Brangelina worshippers nito, akala mo sinong mga perpekto yung dalawa. I still stand by my prediction that Brad and Angelina will not last more than five years and I have two and a half years left. Wala lang; I know it’s anti-family and it’s not a popular sentiment but I just feel it. And I did not think of it because I like Jennifer Aniston. Let’s wait and see.

Going back, I so not like Jen and John. Basta. Parang nung naging boyfriend ni Kris Aquino si Mark Lapid, ganun. Hahaha!!!

my bag of randomness part 1

Whew. I’m still here! Everything is happening so fast now.

Saturday – Sooo tired but you know what, I enjoy walking all the time in UP. As in even if I know I can always hail an Ikot, I prefer to just walk. I know most shortcuts by now. I got there after lunch and was rushing till closing time because of tons of books I borrowed/photocopied. And take note, they only covered two meetings, even less, I think, of my three classes. You’re equally pressed for air even if you’re studying part-time. Sh–.

Despite my very heavy bitbit, conveniently arranged in a starch bag from- get this- SM (the green one?), I went straight to Rockwell to claim my Belle de Jour planner. I decided to skip the bazaar because I want my mom to see it too (and when she’s with me, I can always borrow money). There were stalls outside the bazaar area and that’s where I splurged on (paper folders which has cost me P200 in all, all so worth it).

By the way, I bought an I Am Not Plastic eco-bag. Ms. C, I have one na! I’m planning to buy more kasi it’s so convenient. I can fit a lot of things in there, I love it. I recommend it to everyone, rather than buying an Anya Hindmarch knock-off sold for P250 at 168 Mall or P450 naman at Landmark. I don’t like it when a brand or a style gets so popular, and I know it’s mean but I can’t help but always judge if a person is carrying an original or a fake one. Unless it’s very obvious naman, like all the rich aristocratic ones na obvious na may pambili – but then again, how sure could we all be???


Here’s my bag. I carried it since I bought it until today. Very very useful. There are different eco-bags everywhere, so we can all take our pick. As for me, I can only take what is obvious that I can afford.

Anyway, here are my other cute finds, long and short folders and envelopes from Michelle Simone! They were all P10 each. And yep, the black one is my BDJ planner.


The planner looked okay, and true to its ad, it’s a very feminine planner. It even has a period tracker! There are lots of discount coupons, too. Cool. And yeah, it’s mostly pink. I’m excited to use it but I’m also aiming for the Starbucks planner. I’m down to 11 stickers. Sariling sikap ang pagpupuno ko ng sticker card na yan. Damn. Btw, here are sample pages of the BDJ planner:

bdj-blog-2.jpg    bdj-blog-1.jpg 

I went home a little before mall closing. Mom was egging me to go home dahil may lutong special ulam ang uncle ko. I replied to Mom, “Dito muna ako. Masarap magbasa. Atsaka ang daming artista. Hahaha!!!” A little later, she replied, “Jologs ka talaga.” I didn’t text back. Then may follow up pala, “Kung dyan na lang kaya tayo manood bukas ng One More Chance?” Ahahaha!!!

Sunday – true to my promise to my Mom, I brought her to Powerplant para doon kami manood ng One More Chance. I’m not a fan of John Lloyd and Bea. Okay lang. But my Mom is. Anyway, we had lunch at Crustasia, went window shopping, dumaan sa bazaar but bought nothing because ang daming tao – which made me realize, a commotion is a commotion kahit mga well-off at uniformed maids ang nasa loob. Kairita ang daming tao! I was tempted to buy 2 dresses and a formal top but I had to fit them first. I got impatient waiting in line at the improvised dressing rooms. Anyway, the bazaar was good, overall.

So, One More Chance. For the longest time, SB and I were teasing each other of this one line sa movie. “Mahal na mahal kita. At ang sakit sakit na.” Kablag. Then the exchange that a lot of people would relate to, at one point.

Babae : Hanggang ngayon umaasa ako na sabihin mo sa akin na ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit.

Lalaki : She had me at my worst. You had me at my best. At binalewala mo lang lahat ‘yon.

Babae : I just had to make a choice.

Lalaki : You chose to break my heart.

Kumusta naman ‘yon????

The next days were all eventful. At least in my eventful-meter. Part 2 is coming.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

yummy Yamin!!!

Still incoherent and will probably stay this way because I’m sure I would be too lazy to edit this anyway.

So to continue my rundown, after a sinful dessert, Rach and I stood by just outside the roped area of the activity center to wait for Elliott. I was such a neophyte fan-girl, Rachel was ready to strangle me. It was technically my first mini-concert to attend to and I didn’t know sh*t about the essentials (finding out where it would be promoted, if they will hand out tickets, and if they do, where and when and how many, the strategic areas around the venue to watch out for, etc).

Less than an hour before the show, Eise popped in, panting.

After what seemed like hours, the show started. Elliott started off with a song I didn’t know. I’m a such a loser. I downloaded selected songs from his debut album, that’s why. I was reaction-less for the next few songs because I was, in truth, totally amused. Elliott was really there and even if he was a bit short in height, he’s totally hot. For me, okay. Wag na umangal, wag na maghanap ng away.

Anyway, when he sang Movin’ On, I felt energized that gusto ko na mag-climb over at the Makati Emergency response team’s table. 🙂 Then I fell in love with him when he sang the acoustic version of I’m the Man. It must have been too hot for him, what with all the lights on him, that he went backstage ng walang sabi-sabi. I looked at Rach and naively asked, “Di ba dapat nagsabi man lang sya na tapos na yung first set?” I don’t know what happened there. He went back on stage a few minutes after and sang A Song For You na syempre kahit yata yung mommy-fan behind Rach eh sobrang napatili. Nahuhuli ang mga generations ng fans ni Elliott.

When he left and the band as well, people were shouting for them to be back.

Rach was looking at me then said I should join the chorus. I kinda did.

Then Elliott emerged again na naka-white shirt na lang. The crowd went wild. Syempre ako din.

And that’s where Eise and I started looking at Elliott’s ass. Ang pervert di ba, but with all the movements he’s making, plus we’re on the right side (if you’re facing the stage), eh kita mo tlaga yung shape and I just had to stare at it when I’m not staring at his face.

Elliott’s ass. Attraction ito.

Anyway, when he sang Wait For You, I gathered all the neophyte-throat energy I armed myself with at nagsusumigaw na rin ako with matching sing-along na ewan ko if the couple in front of me were having bouts of wanting to skin me alive. If you can’t take my voice, then sing with me. Ganun lang yon. 🙂

He said Thank you! na, we shouted More!, they went back, and sang something na omfg I can’t remember anymore. When the lights went back on, we knew it was over. It lasted for about an hour and 10 minutes.

I was mentally planning to head to Market tomorrow after Mass and try to get a ticket. Hindi naman similar yung sets nya in his mall shows eh. I learned that in TriNoma, he sang Moody’s Mood for Love!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Anyway, I’ll see if I can pull it off tomorrow.  By the way, I was amazed with Rach’s friend and co-JVKV fan Yam. Akala ko she just bumped into us there then next thing I knew she was in line na and nung pinapaupo na yung nakakuha ng tickets, she was in front, at gitna pa! Rach said they’re that efficient sa mga ganyan. I even loved their “I ♥ EY” shirts.

Anyway, since we were by the right side of the stage, I got a good view of Elliott’s percussion guy, whose name I found out was Aaron Goldstein. He reminded Eise and me of a friend we had two years back, si Mike. Although, no one still beats Elliott’s ass. And this was typed with all the effort I could muster to remove any form of perversion, if it’s at all possible.

I know that Elliott is a very wonderful guy and I never forgot what his Mom told Idol before na his talent is already a given, and that he will be a great Idol dahil he’s really very kind and true. I remember crying din upon finding out online that he was eliminated na. Sniff sniff moments.

I forgot Matt, Danny, George for a while there! Although take note, when I got home, it was just in time for The Tonight Show, and I was correct that si (Sir) Hugh Laurie nga ang first guest nya!!! Saturday was raining all gorgeous-men-in-Judie-standards, I felt my mouth drying up because almost all my drool was gone.


It’s 12:30  a.m. as I type and I still feel so alive because downing a hot espresso at 10 p.m. wasn’t a good idea if you intend to sleep like a human being.

Anyway, I spent my Friday night rummaging randomly through various sites, because the ultimate artista fan in me kicked in very hard when I found this:

Paul Fischer : Can you talk about these other projects you’re working on??
Lauren Graham : Well this movie I’m doing right now is called ‘Laws of Motion.’ It’s an independent film that the playwright Craig Lucas is directing and Hilary Swank is a producer on it and has a supporting part in it just to lend her name to it. And that’s really cool, actually and inspiring to see an actress who has a company who is helping get stuff made because she believes in it. It’s the story of a dysfunctional family and Matthew Perry is my husband and we have sort of a quiet marriage that is in trouble and his brother and sister come to stay with us to disastrous results. And it’s just kind of a dark comedy but it’s a very conservative, preppy shut down character who is just trying to be nice to these people who she thinks are freaks.


Seriously? Seriously.

That’s Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham. I’ve always thought they would look good together which they probably tried because rumours flew of them dating and all. Then Lauren guested in Studio 60 as herself and fan-girl squishy screams came after seeing stills, two of which are below:

Thanks to Lena through the community where I got these from.

Anyway, I will wait for more news. Matthew’s been pretty secretive with his life, which is commendable, rathen than flaunting it as if you’re too good a human being by always getting papparazi’d (and I really used it as a verb, haha), leaving the house all glammed up to make a simple bathroom tissue errand. Hahaha bitterness!

Needless to say, I am happy for both of them.

Lastly, and I don’t mean to offend anybody, when David Letterman interviewed Ellen Degeneres last Friday, she mentioned about guests who were awfully better as actors than as interviewees. I know that Lauren seems to be a favorite on her show (she guested there for, what, six times already?) but, and I’m sorry, I thought maybe Ellen was referring to Lauren. Hey, I have not watched each and every idiotic and disappointing interviews with different personalities she has had on her show, though the times that I caught Lauren on the Ellen couch, she was funny and cute but in a tiresome stuttery manner. I wonder if she’s like that when she talks to people casually. She’s hilarious but she isn’t your best bet talk to in a talk show setting, really. In several instances, I also think of the same towards Jennifer Aniston. It’s either being too discriminate about what you’ll say that spontaneity suffers (although she, like Lauren manages to pull something nice in each interview), or some people are just not for talk show interviews. Sometimes it’s just disappointing. Nevertheless, they’re still adorable, and I forget easily so let’s leave my observation at that.

Elliott, Avenue Q, Shoppers’ Day!

If not for Jacs’ post, I would not have remembered that this is happening soon.

Elliot Yamin in Manila

Show times and venues:

TriNoMa, Activity Center
September 21, 2007 at 7:00pm

Glorietta, Activity Center
September 22, 2007 at 7:00pm

Market! Market!, Activity Center
September 23, 2007 at 6:00pm

Ayala Center Cebu, On Stage, Cinema 1
September 26, 2007 at 7:00pm

Alabang Town Center, Activity Center
September 28, 2007 at 6:30pm

That’s three venues that are very near to me (well, TriNoMa is near because of the MRT), so I am going to kick myself hard if I miss Elliott’s trip to the Philippines. Naiiyak ako sa excitement. Hahaha =)

*     *     *

In addition, it was a plan three months in the making, to catch Avenue Q, that is. And now that it’s here, our trademark “puro drawing lang” planning habit in the office seems to be at work again. At least, Sheila’s sure to go despite the hustle and bustle of our work.

Avenue Q

Despite the limited seats available, I plan on going on September 22, para isang effort na lang in case I intend to catch Elliot in Glorietta that same day.

*     *     *

Then lo and behold, when I messaged my girlfriend Laine about these two events, she reminded me that the 22nd is also US Embassy Club (USEC)’s Shoppers’ Day!!! We volunteered to be stage alipins there, tipong taga-arrange ng gift packs sa mga tatawaging winners. And why oh why I took on that job out of other duties available (I had been in Registration twice already)? Kasi yung crush ni Lalaine, that guy na I told her to let her feelings for die its natural death, eh nag-volunteer to call out the winners from this ginourmous tambiolo and naka-duty at the same time as our shift. So lalabas kami ang hula girls (“,)  nya doon. Hay, that’s how I support a friend! We would be there for two hours in the morning.

USEC’s Shoppers’ Day is going to be at the World Trade Center from 9 am to 5 pm. It is open to all, entrance fee is P100. There are raffle tickets available when you register, and lots of cool prizes are in store (resort packages, weekend hotel stays, plane tickets, and other juicy prizes). Plus of course, there are tons of stalls that sell good stuff; perfect for your early Christmas shopping. =)

If everything goes well (why wouldn’t they?), my schedule on September 22 would be a killer. This is the kind of day that I envision myself having as often as I can, until such time when I crave for lazy and light days; not living it, as I do now,  as if I have no other choice. Naku naman, nag-drama pa!

sex on legs

I saw this meme from Patty and I was amused.

I decided to make a list of my own. I discussed it in passing with my colleagues and I gathered that we would never have issues with men whom we want to sleep with. Hahaha!!! Very good.

Here’s the crazy thing: 

[1] List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
[2] Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (5 – 1, 1 is the hottest.)
[3] Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
[4] Supply photos for said people.
[5] Tag five people!

Okay, I feel worthless comparing HOW Patty did hers so I’m not gonna try to “fantasticize” it.

If Liam Neeson is it for Emma Thompson, here are 5 men who are it for me. Sex on legs, that is.

Number 5!

Victor Garber

^ Victor Garber ^

Hah. The hottest double spy ever, imho. I stopped liking Sydney Bristow but not him. =)

Number 4!

Hugh Laurie

^ Hugh Laurie ^

If I stop thinking of a limping Dr. Greg House, Hugh Laurie would still be a good choice. He’s tall and he’s got a good body, I’m telling you. I kind of feel icky thinking of it actually because I love men who are good fathers and good husbands. Oh well, taking all those away, I wouldn’t mind doing it with Hugh.

Number 3!


^ Vince Vaughn ^

I love Vince Vaughn until he starts talking. I perceive him as lame. Lame but nice. But, the same with Hugh, taking all those impressions away, as in just a naked standing Vince Vaughn alone, I wouldn’t think twice. You know, my super ideal frame in a guy is the tall but stocky type, just like him (actually since Dodgeball lang…he’s kinda payat in previous films and while most people prefer that look, kasi guwapo talaga sya, I like him better when he was bear-y big). Kinikilig ako just thinking about it, hahaha!

Number 2!

Bradley Whitford 

^ Bradley Whitford ^

Borderline geeky but arguably very intelligent. Passionate. Cranky. I guess not necessarily Bradley Whitford because my shagging thoughts are all about Danny Tripp.

Number 1!

THE George Clooney 

^ George Clooney

Gosh, do I need to explain? In truth, S&M is a big no-no pero if he asks, why not? Hahaha!!! Don’t cringe but even in his scruffy and ginormous look in Syriana, I was still drooling. =)

Do you see the trend? I fantasize about middle-aged men! Actually there are more celebrities out there (Wentworth Miller, etc.) but they don’t appeal to me as much for reasons I can’t explain. Grabe, much older men! And I derived the fascination from the characters they played who were wonderfully dysfunctional at some point (may addict sa Vicodin, may recovering alcoholic, may leading a double life, may A-1 thief, to name a few!).

I can imagine my reaction when I go back to this post in a few years, especially when I’m married and all. I’m sure my future husband would laugh at me. Well, that is, if I don’t end up with one of them! Hahaha….I’m excluding Victor, Hugh and Bradley so George and Vince…run for your lives! =) Don’t ask me though who are the non-celebrity guys I want to sleep with. I’m not that ready yet to put my reputation on the line. There are only a few naman that you wouldn’t be shocked if I tell you…but still, I will not tell you.

So…I’m not tagging anyone anymore. To anyone who would be brave enough to go this far in the course of their blogging career, go ahead, do the meme.

Things to be thankful for today…

1. Right on time patience attack when your cab driver won’t drop you off where it’s convenient for you because it will be inconvenient for him.

“Kung mag-u-u-turn ako di ang layo pa ng iikutin ko nyan, sa bandang Pedro Gil pa.Tsk naman.”

“(almost inaudible) Eh ako ang pasahero mo, wala kang magagawa. (sense the patience kicking in)”

In the end he did drop me off to my usual unloading station. A few strings short of snapping, I would have reamed him. Mainit pa naman ulo ko kaninang umaga, buti na lang.

2. Right on time patience attack when servers at a small tea house laughed at the apparent mistake that they forgot to make my peppermint tea pot, and it has been 15 minutes since I placed the order. I was sure it was 15 minutes because I time myself when I read, remember?

Good thing I simply sighed, calmly reminded them of it, and went back to reading.

3. Finishing a book in one sitting.

4. Picture taking and simply being all relaxed and wacky. Beyond all my disillusions (valid ones), I also know that I work with a wonderful set of people every single demented workday.

5. Sifting thoughts and compartmentalizing feelings that constituted a mature me, hopefully (happened within the first two hours at work).

6. Leaving early and not feeling guilty about not finishing tasks. It’s past office hours.

7. My new lanyard. It’s not free but I got it dirt cheap.

8. Very fast internet connection that enabled me to upload pictures.

9. Very fast internet connection that made me search and watch Bradley Whitford videos (still in my stalker mode, everyone).

10. Getting a Friendster invite from your grade school class. I still don’t know who created the account but it’s a nostalgic trip just viewing the pictures so thank you to you!

11. A new layout for my Multiply. Totally rocks.

12. Being booked with various socials on all Fridays of this month.

13. Mundane things that made me smile and goosebump-y (in a good way); an added thrill is my deliberate decision to keep it to myself because it will go away soon anyway. Thank goodness Bradley Whitford is everywhere in cyberspace. (And Jennifer Aniston, too— during my break, I browsed a forum with almost all of Brad and Jen’s pics. Sayang tlaga sila, hahaha. I’m so a fan–taking a cue from my overall assessment of Takano, beyond repair.)

Oh yes, the “mundane things” and Bradley Whitford are connected (but not related!).

Lastly, since I’m still on Bradley, in his January 2005 appearance on Ellen, he said, “I felt like a head bobbing in a sea of failure.” Niiiice. Should probably use that one of these days.

very very vanity fair

The Special Africa Issue of Vanity Fair arrived yesterday and I was surprised to find that the cover wasn’t a spread I expected it to be. I thought it’s gonna be the same with their ensemble cover spreads. Anyway, this was the copy I got:

Vanity Fair July 2007

That’s Madonna and Djimon Honsou. I don’t know who gets to decide what cover should be sent to subscribers. Is it randomly done? Is it by continent? Well, the content is the same, it’s just more eye-pleasing to scan through bigger images of the other personalities. Lucky for those who got other variations of the cover page*.

Speaking of VF, I sorted my magazine rack and discovered that my October 2006 issue is missing. It’s the one with Tom, Katie and Suri Cruise. I think it got mixed up with other reading materials when we boxed them up.  I know it isn’t as valuable, cover-wise, as the Cruises are practically everywhere. However, as is the case with my reason for collecting the magazine, completeness matters a lot. I am shallow to freak out at the sight of a gap in the chronological arrangement, but I’m having fun as well. 😉 

So if you have a copy of that issue and you don’t want it anymore, drop me a short comment and we’ll talk.

Thank you!

*Other personalities include Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Bono (who is also guest editor of the issue), Warren Buffett, George W. Bush (despite the Bush-bashing every VF issue, because Bono apparently is so bilib with his policies on Africa), Don Cheadle, George Clooney (♥), Bill and Melinda Gates, Iman, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Barack Obama, Brad Pitt (semi-♥, as I ♥ Mama Pitt more), Queen Rania of Jordan, Condoleezza Rice, Chris Rock, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Oprah Winfrey.