Romantic Judie


Sometimes in life, things said or actions done would offend us. As time passes, we will feel that we didn’t necessarily forget them, and chances are we really won’t, but they will be easier to bear. Easier to shrug them off and push them somewhere not near us. It’s still there, still valid, but we choose not to dwell on it anymore.

Because when things start going back to whatever kind of normal there was, when we find ourselves smiling again, we will find it easier to go through each day.

It’s just pride. Sometimes we hold on so much to a conviction that we end up depriving ourselves of whatever little form of happiness we could get. Again, letting it go and flow does not cancel out our feeling bad. We just chose to be on the happier side.

Someday, probably soon, I may still tell him I really got offended. But when things are starting to go back to being okay, it won’t work to my advantage, happiness-wise, if I still dwell and squeeze an apology because of something that even someone important to me said my self-esteem “should have handled like a boss.”

Nothing is still happening and with all likelihood nothing ever will [plus it’s not as if I’m not used to this kind of crazy ‘stagnation’ – lol] but right now, it’s going back to being good enough for now. And it’s okay.

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