Better Late Than Never Book Loot Report!

Wow, it’s less than three months until 2013 ends. Last week I kind of admitted that this is not my reading year considering the number of books I must have read by now but has not just as we are ushering to the last quarter of the year. I’m just thinking that five years ago, reading 25-30 books a year was normal, so it’s not as if this is a huge letdown. Maybe I really became busy with many things.

However, my book-buying is still like before. As of my last count, I bought 92 books already. My OC side wants to make it a clean 100. I have 77 days to go so I think that’s doable. Hahaha.

September was such a book-buying period what with the insane cut-price sale of National Bookstore, Bestsellers, and Powerbooks. There was also Aklatan, the first All-Filipino Book Fair, and the Manila International Book Fair. I saved money weeks before September but as usual, the money I had on hand was not sufficient. Dip into my savings! I have to prioritize my happiness, people!

My National loot was repressed and conservative because I didn’t want to run out of money for the next book fairs. I still managed to snag quite a lot because I decided to continue completing my Anita Blake series.

NBS Sep 2013
A part of my NBS/Powerbooks sale stash: A comic book adapted from Clive Barker’s Tapping the Vein, Jessica Hagedorn’s Toxicolgy, Jonathan Franzen’s The Twenty-Seventh City, Android Karenina, and a YA fantasy book, Dark Reflections.
Anita Blakes
Here are more Anita Blake books to add to my collection. After the sale, I chanced on another hardback from Booksale. I am that kind of person who carries an Anita Blake list in my purse and I highlight the titles I already bought. Completist itch for the win!

Aklatan was a fun event even if I was nursing a terrible flu the entire day. I was the lady wearing a green top sneezing like a troll inside the venue. It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t have the courage to go around and have my books signed, meet people, and talk to exhibitors. But since I was already there, I mustered sufficient courage to go up and talk to a few of my favorite authors I saw at the fair, germs and viruses notwithstanding. At the end of the day I had Project 17 and A Bottle of Storm Clouds signed by Eliza Victoria and the latest Trese installment, Stories from the Diabolical, signed by Budjette Tan. I had a considerable number of books bought. So proud of Pinoy literature!

Some of my Aklatan loot. I am in awe of these books. I once posted that with a culture as rich as ours, we would never run out of stories to tell. Fantasy and folklore, we’re rockin’ it.

Less than a week after Aklatan came the MIBF. I filed for annual leave weeks ago just to go to on opening day. Taas kamay ng excited!  I was still under the weather that day but it didn’t stop me. Now, I really say that going to MIBF before the weekend is less stressful, especially if you are not into maddening crowds. I stayed away from FullyBooked and National Bookstore on purpose. Anvil was the biggest hit for me! Aside from books, I also got to buy activity books as Christmas gifts for nieces, nephews, and godchildren. I also enjoyed my stay in New Day Publishers. One vivid takeaway I had from Aklatan was the multiple mentions of Edith Tiempo in the women writer’s panel. I chanced on Edith Tiempo books in New Day for less than 50 a pop! Then a very smart and accommodating lady who, I learned later, was New Day’s head financial officer, also recommended the books of Edilberto K. Tiempo, Edith’s husband. It was a very smart buy especially now that I’m into knowing more about decades-early Philippine literature. My mom and I also decided to buy a Filipino-translated version Daughter of Smoke and Bone and one by Danielle Steel whose title escapes me now. There were more titles available and someday soon I may give them a try. I started Daughter… a few weeks ago and found it compelling but not as easy as I thought it would be.

MIBF loot
My MIBF 2013 stash: on the left are my Tiempo books and you will also see two non-fiction titles. I kind of miss graduate school so I got both Bello’s and David’s.

I went back to MIBF on Saturday, aka the fun Divisoria-in-December version of the book fair. It was also for the book session/book-“gloating”  of my book club, alright? J Aside from a picture with a mascot and buying Christmas gifts for friends in the office (I bought gifts for 32 people this early! Yay to me), I only went back to Anvil for more books.

I only had about two weeks of I’m-gonna-forget-about-buying when I slipped because of a visit to Booksale MOA (which was only a week ago, haha). From then until today, that’s ten books easily grabbed from the shelves.

Thanks, Booksale: Another Anita Blake hardback, Straub's The Throat, and a classic Clancy which I bought the day he died.
Thanks, Booksale: Another Anita Blake hardback, Straub’s The Throat, and a classic Clancy which I bought the day he died.
For 200 pesos ($4.5), look! Booksale Pedro Gil is small but definitely worth the trip.

Since our humble apartment is literally running out of space, I resorted to plastic container boxes. I bought four last night and they will be filled up soon enough.

That’s about it. Oh, the fun of it all!


  1. AHA! Ikaw pala yung humawa sa akin! Haha, joke lang! It was great to see you! I would have wanted to stay and chat kaso ang damiiiiing tao. Hope you’ll enjoy my humble SF contribution. 😉

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