My Filipino Lit Readathon is On!

Filipino Lit Readathon

Tomorrow, August 1, my personal Filipino literature readathon kicks off!  From August 1 to 31, I plan to read books by Filipino authors.  There are plenty of them piling up, and August being our Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month), I felt it’s appropriate to devote time to these precious books.

Majority of the book in my TBR pile for this readathon are published by Summit, patiently collected since last year.   Some of them are in Filipino too, so feeling ko mas madali ko sila matatapos, at masaya basahin (Bebang Siy‘s book is on top of the pile, so you can just imagine ang dami ng tawa ko, for sure).

Apart from physical books, I will also dabble into ebooks I bought from Flipreads.  One of them was sent to me for free to review. Within the month, my Smashwords purchases will also come in, and I will enjoy more e-books through my reliable Sadie, my 5-inch tablet.  Audiobook na lang yata ang kulang, total bibliophile experience na!

At any rate, I am so excited for this readathon to begin.  I will try to post reviews whenever I can.  If not a full one, expect me to at least say something about the works of Ricky Lee, Eliza Victoria, Dean Alfar, Mina Esguerra, Chrissie Peria, Marla Miniano, Tony Perez, Butch Dalisay, Cathy Babao, Bebang Siy, Claire Betita, Carmen Navarro Pedrosa, Carl Joe Javier, Paolo Chikiamco, Ambeth Ocampo, Jessica Hagedorn, David Hontiveros, and Lysley Tenorio.  I don’t know if I could read all of them in a month, but I’ll do my best!

Here’s to a successful and surely an enjoyable reading month!

6 comments on “My Filipino Lit Readathon is On!

  1. Pettе toⅼd me I wouldn’t need charts. The Leach?

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  5. yay! 1st time ko din mag join. Sa August 22 ako girl. And guess what I found

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