Romantic Judie

Temporary Fizzle

I admit that I have been on a roll in terms of “feeling” whatever there is (well, nothing is still something, I guess) in connection with my romantic life.  I knew this point is coming after two weeks of intense thinking, feeling, daydreaming about it — I am now at that temporary disinterest because I exhausted the quota of emotions about it.  The culmination probably was encapsulated in this lengthy blog post.  I’m not saying it’s gone for good; it’s really just temporary, I’m telling you.  What do you know, maybe a sight of him, a short conversation, any anecdote related to him, might spring it back altogether.

For now, I’m content with not feeling it as intense as I did days ago.  I’m happy that I am capable of this because it only means I am not one-track minded.  I appreciate a breath of fresh air, a break from what is or what is not here.  I wish this attitude will not change even when my priorities change in life.  You may view it as instability, of fickle-mindedness, but on my part, I see it as the right attitude to go away from it all when needed, so that I won’t have to surprise other people of my breaking point, of a one-time big time surrender, or leaving without notice because I cannot take it anymore.

Word vomit, there you are again.

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