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Stay in the car!!!

I am aware of Chuck but I did not watch it until recently. I’m on the 4th episode of season 2 and I can say I am really enjoying it! Not the same level as my craziness over [H]ouse but it’s something that keeps me glued to my TV for hours. I may watch lots of shows but not many of them can do that to me. At the moment, I can include The Big Bang Theory, Community, and The Mentalist in that very short list. Oh, Desperate Housewives, too!

I love the dynamic of Chuck/Sarah/Casey. The Buy More gang are funny, too, and so are Ellie and Devon. I enjoyed Bryce Larkin’s appearances, too.  By being a TV show junkie, I also realized that TV actors, guest stars and bit players more especially, are practically everywhere.

I can understand Chuck fans now. It’s such a waste to end this show soon. Though knowing NBC, who has a congenital habit of axing shows just because, we can simply enjoy the remaining episodes until they last.

“Stay in the car!!!” is a prominent line on the show, especially in season 1.  Watch it to know how hilariously meaningful it is to each of their spy operations.

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7 thoughts on “Stay in the car!!!

  1. Hi there! Swung in from Raft3r’s blog. I so agree with you on Chuck; it didn’t deserve to end as soon as it did.

    You have terrific insight on pop culture. I’ll be sure to add you up on my RSS reader. Have a terrific week ahead!

    🙂 ganns

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