goodbye, drafts…and some more

I cleaned the DRAFT folder in my Gmail. Funny that I managed to keep 62 draft e-mails! That’s a lot of things left unsaid, if you think about it.  Almost all of them were intended to be sent to only one person! A lot of them were finished e-mails, only short of hitting the Send button to complete its purpose. Many of them would have qualified as blog entries because of their content and length. I don’t know why I chose to leave them like that.  The only reason I can think of is that almost all of them were brutally frank, the spur of the moment kind. I did not recognize many feelings conveyed there. Some made me laugh. The others made me grin because of how pathetic they were. I would have kept them for these very reasons, just to have something to look back or laugh at in the future, but I decided against it. Better have a clean slate when I turn over a new leaf next week.

I have to do some serious journal updates. I am already nine days behind. I hope my new pen inspires me to write.

The Gun Seller is f*cking funny. I’ve never laughed by myself while reading in a coffee shop since A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. I am not simply being biased because Hugh Laurie wrote it. It’s really funny! I cannot comment on it as a whole because I’m only halfway through; it can go bad or it cannot, but it already made me chuckle many times so whatever’s at the end would be tolerable and forgivable. I think I’m sort of getting British humour now.  I started reading P.G. Wodehouse last year and I was amused. Might bear no relation to everything at all but Hugh reveres Wodehouse among all comic novelists! Anyway, ah, love for reading. I love this kind of love. 🙂


  1. dong– hehe go ahead. it might surprise you!

    raft3r– sadly, yummy friend, hindi. para kay erwin. hahaha!!!

    teka, niwrap mo na ba yung awesome gift mo sakin? bwahahaha!!!

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