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Welcome, 2009!

Here’s to another 365 days of craziness, fun, less struggle and more hope for people everywhere. We can all cope with whatever’s ailing us now – financially, professionally, personally, socially – they will all pass.

Seventeen days to go until my 27th birthday! I am going to change my mindset about it. It still freaks me out but I can simply shrug it off and smile. A friend said that most life-changing events happen when someone turns 27. It’s when my Saturn will return.  Wherever it went, I have no idea. =)

Speaking of change, it is the theme of the January run of National Blog Posting Month. I joined again and hopefully I’ll be included in the blogroll when everything’s not too busy anymore. =) Participating last month (last year!) was fun.

Here’s to changing lame strategies, continuing effective ones, and reconstructing the “moving” parts of my life. Yay!

5 thoughts on “Welcome, 2009!

  1. iryn– sure, answer them in your blog, too! happy new year!

    rach– i wish the same to you!

    chelli– yay, i’ll IM you. tsup!

    raft3r– yup 2009! naks nag-solo nasa tagaytay! hay. =) see you monday!

  2. Juday! Happy New Year and super advanced Happy Birthday! Can you give me the title of the book you wanted a couple of months ago that you wanted shipped with my box of goodies??

  3. Have a blissful and joyous new year!

    There’s lot of posts to read — busy ka the whole New Year’s Eve =) Can I borrow the survey? nakakatuwa


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