Random Judie


Okay, I’m done with Ironman. It was not amazing, it’s just…fine. I understand where all these The best movie of 2008!!! praises are coming from but I’d say it was just a good movie. That’s it. I enjoyed it, however. I did. Tony Stark is even a new addition to my list of hot men I want to do.

The movie’s fine but the rest of my world is not. But it will be. I am not thinking straight which is manifested in a desire to impulsively say sorry (and all words synonymous to it) without knowing why at what for. I am going to take longer than five minutes to let everything settle in my mind before doing something again. I do not promise to be rational and coherent, just honest. This honesty may still include saying sorry and I will let that happen because I know I’d mean it more.  Right now I cannot be like that because my Everything needs to turn out well!Damage control! Damage control! complex is very much at work.

I seriously need anything alcoholic right now.

5 thoughts on “nah

  1. @ Lai – I miss you, too!!! If this friggin’ financial crunch does not kill me much, I am going to see you next year. Yeah, hopefully with Raft3r. Of course, I’m still gonna wait for you here after that.

    Totally ready to let loose and shake all these bad chakras off!

    @ Raft3r – It does. Though I have not seen you get rocked by it. Boo.

  2. I’ll cheers to that! However, I did have a drink last night already, and combined with a long day, a long drive, and lack of sleep, it only resulted to a massive headache. PLUS I have work today (Saturday) and I had to get up early… so yay for me! *sarcastic eye roll*

    I miss you! Another year and a half and I’ll be there again. As much as I want it to be next year, can’t do it because my wallet and I will just get into a fight, and I’m trying to avoid that.

    We need to go out and go crazy, even for just one night! Let loose, forget all the man-boy troubles and whatever else that’s bugging you!

    Don’t mind me right now… I’m just bored and tired and sleepy, and in dire need to do something…

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