I feel so lazy. I think I need more rest. My weekend was an exciting getaway from the city yet it made me more tired when I got home.  Puerto Galera was fun though.

I hope to regain the energy to say many things I want to say although don’t expect anything related to my insanity that’s called the man-boy episode anymore. It’s still not over, I’m still not over him, but I will be shutting my big mouth already because I have my Plan B in action. Tsaka ayoko pumatol sa matanda. Hehe.

For now, I am content responding to blog comments and doing rounds of my blog buddies’ latest posts. Raft3r‘s also back and was on a roll in commenting on my mental lapses disguised as blog posts below but still carefully evading certain issues. Bwahaha, peace, yummy friend!

I am also thinking of changing my blog skin again. The sidebar’s messed up since last week.

In the days to come, expect snippets about the following: Puerto Galera. Desperate Housewives. House (and Cuddy). Book shipment (35 books, ladies and gents, as Christmas gifts to myself). Asian writers I love. Susan Sontag.

Happy Monday to all and to all a good night.

teeny tiny edit at 11 pm – I was watching again Adverse Events, episode three of House, when I noticed this:


9 thoughts on “ennui

  1. ^ you should! hindi naman siguro loss pero para lang maka-relate ka minsan sa mga drama namin sa dungeon. we’re all house fans now. naconvert ko na silang lahat. bwahahaha!!!

  2. Lai, sa akin personal ang kwnto sa galera =) I’ll meet Judie on Friday, and Judie I’m serious.. order tayo ng Margarita hehe

    See you soon

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