Random Judie

bits and pieces

I am using Google Chrome. It’s fine.  Change is never easy but I am. (Raft3r, new motto?!)

I now have a hardback copy of Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts. Sealed. Brand new. Marked down to 199 pesos. It came towards the end of my PMS. So tell me, how can I feel sad about a silly boy when there are pages of self-typing vintage IBM typewriter and basement full of children’s corpses waiting to be explored?

My PMS ended and now we’re in the crux of sensitivity and unreasonable moments that will last for five days.  Sorry Mom, not pregnant.

Post nostalgia: When I am hurt, I tend to love my first language more. Astiging bata. Almost three years later, gaga pa rin ako. Mukhang malapit-lapit na rin ako mag-Tagalog ulit ng ganyan kalalim.

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