the aftermath

When I find myself laughing sincerely at something I did, it’s a very obvious clue that I’m doing okay.

See, someone’s not too busy today. In the middle of amusing e-mail exchanges during office hours, I found myself typing this:

I’ve had too many mornings of disappointment because it just won’t go away; I was late to realize that all efforts to kill it were futile because I was protectively clutching it the whole time in my hands. So I just had to let it out and wash it off completely.

We still did not discuss it directly but I think we reached an agreement. It’s not just him; maybe I am, in truth, evading it also, albeit in a different form.

I think the e-mail exchange ended with us grabbing a few lines each from Panic at the Disco’s discography. I don’t know if he meant to send me the lines first (from Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off) but I certainly thought he did so I took something from That Green Gentleman.

I like him better this way. I like it better this way.

Now, let me go back to watching the earlier seasons of House, and working on my reading calendar. See, I’m back to normal.


  1. curious lang… what are those lines that you two exchanged? pede ba i-post yun dito? tnx =)

    — iryn

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