Citizen Judie

Dancing to the Coffeehouse Rock

This is a personal preference.

If I want to relax, sip something familiar, no frills, no adventure, no out-of-comfort-zone moment…I go to Starbucks.

If I want to relax, to go somewhere less crowded, be engrossed in a book, wait for Mom…I go to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

If I want to feel like I’m crapping money and I deserve to relax…I go to UCC.

If I want to stay up and about to finish something, to pull an all-nighter…I go to Figaro.

Figaro…walang mintis. It’s just that tonight, being unable to sleep is the last thing I need what with weeks of past-midnight sleeping times because of Lovers. And let’s not discount my occasional shaking because the caffeine kick is just too damn strong. To think that I just tried their new coffee jelly drink. Hmmm, well, that’s caffeine AND sugar so that should explain it.

I need to sleep but I can’t. Sing me a lullaby, please.

2 thoughts on “Dancing to the Coffeehouse Rock

  1. try The Coffee Bean!

    i also forgot to mention gloria jean’s and their irish cream latte. to think they’re our resident coffeeshop na in the office hahaha 🙂

  2. i miss drinking coffee! i haven’t tried going to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and UCC. Hmmm… Try ko nga one time.

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