little incidents

I always try to display maturity in the office but sometimes, something slips.

Scene I

Raft3r rushed to my office. “Yummy friend, are you well…well…”

I finished it for him. “Well-off? No. Well-endowed, yes.”

It turned out he was just asking if I am well-versed on an office database. He was quick enough to retort, “I can see that.”

Scene II

I just came from the lobby restroom, feeling lousy, when I heard a voice  from behind mocking me.

It was Erwin. “Uy, psst, ang ganda oh, ang ganda.” At least that’s what I heard he said, hahaha!

I turned around. I muttered an expletive that almost always pass for a natural expression of the uneducated.

Erwin laughed. I grinned.

When I turned my gaze back, the big boss was almost in my face, and it was obvious he heard the whole thing.

The fact that he is a foreigner who speaks and actually understands Tagalog very well made it particularly embarrassing.

I took it in stride and passed by him, gently opening my office door as if nothing happened.

I hope your Wednesday was a blast.

6 thoughts on “little incidents

  1. ^ Aaaahhh, Rhys Ifans! Naloka ako dun. But yeah, better version naman si Justin…lalo pa at fixated ako kay Spike sa Notting Hill. Namaaaan!! 🙂

    Will wait for your e-mail!

  2. Aha!!!!!! I know na kung sino si Justin!!!! He’s like the better version of RHYS IFANS =) So feeling Sienna Miller ka dapat! Hahahaha!!

  3. Haaayyy…alam mo naman dito, super PC kuno ang mga ta (o or e?) kaya…basta I’ll tell you nalang sa e-mail ko (that I promised many moons ago haha!) long story, kaya din I decided to look for another job elsewhere. Basta remember these words: reverse discrimination!

  4. @ Chelli – yeah, nakakasawa maging polite and diplomatic all the time!

    @ yummy friend – so, that’s why you weren’t able to join us for dinner yesterday!

    bring your short shorts! we’re running on monday

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