Missing Travis

I have not watched anything this week on TV. That’s why Travis probably misses me. Travis, my TV.

I was home early on Monday and Tuesday but I spent time on Simone (the laptop, remember? She just celebrated her first month) until midnight. On Wednesday and last night, I was out on dinner dates with friends and I was too exhausted to watch TV by the time I was home. Tonight, I will be attending a despedida dinner for a lovely friend so I would be home on or before (or hopefully after) midnight and chances are, I would only like to throw myself to bed and not do anything at all.

Hopefully I will get some TV time tomorrow. Yeah, I’m shallow like that. Months ago, TV was my life. Episodes after episodes of TV serials would take up my nights and weekends and I love it that way. Well, it could be the reason why I messed up on most parts of my socials. But seriously, watching TV can be educational, too. Haaa, dorky.

I can’t believe I haven’t had my share of Dr. House, the Walkers, Danny Tripp and Matt Albie, the Central Perk tambays and oh, even American Idol, in the recent days. I’m changing, it’s scary. *ngatal ng mga ngipin*  

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