I told myself that I have to have some grace period. That’s the only way I could justify staying at home and idling the day away.

To be fair to me, I spent a considerable amount of time, in front of the TV, re-arranging my sock drawer. I have plenty of socks for someone who wears either pumps or open-toe sandals to work. I have, like, more than 30 pairs. Only 8 of them are black, 1 white and the rest are colored. I even have a LifeSavers-like pair of socks. I have 2 pairs of Valentine socks (hearts on it, red, you get the picture). I have 2 pairs of Christmas socks– one with a Christmas wreath, and one with Santa. Hah. And I got them after I graduated from college. I think I’ve worn most of them only once.

I was supposed to go to UP today but I didn’t. I have to do it tomorrow because if I wait till Wednesday, it’s not gonna work at all. It was a self-imposed deadline talking here.

I made a short video for a friend who’s abroad and is celebrating her birthday today. It sucks but it came from the heart so I hope that gets across.

House, M.D. in half an hour. Then I can go back to my current read, Special Topics in Calamity Physics— it’s engaging, so far.

I can forgive myself for this almost-useless day…and guess what, I will. Six more days, Judie.

3 thoughts on “Monday

  1. ei, enjoy your leave. sana ako din. i’m sick and i need lots of rest. SL tuloy ako. hehe.

    you can go to laoag next time. si iryn disappointed din kasi di tuloy bora niya this year.

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