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sampled the pilot episode a while ago. I wasn’t blown away but I already included it in my to-watch list. I rarely get smitten with pilots anyway. For one, if not for the fuss and buzz on Heroes, I wouldn’t have gone past the first episode.

Ever laughed because it hurts? Maybe I’m poised to love Dr. Gregory House and his whole gang. Probably not, at this time, the same love for the people of Seattle Grace Hospital, but I’m giving it a chance.

“Humanity is overrated.”

2 thoughts on “house

  1. hello toni! hay ako din, gasgas na ang Friends pero syempre i keep coming back to it. Yung Heroes ko hanggang ep. 9 lang so later na ako maghahanap ng succeeding eps. I’m loving Dr. House and the gang though =) Will visit your blog. Good to know ur updating ulit.

  2. Hello Judie!!!

    Omg! Gasgas na nga yung DVDs ko ng FRIENDS eh, kaya ang latest kong addiction ay HOUSE, MD. hehehe Try watching Heroes din. Galing! See you around! And this time I’ll have time updating my so out dated blog. hahaha CIAO.

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