Random Judie

i didn’t mean this

Okay, I said I wanted more time at home to finish my paper, but I didn’t mean this kind of way of sending me home.

I am home and bed-bound instead of going to school because I have been ill since this morning.

It sucks to be sick. I am sad with the way my body reacts to viruses and germs all around us. I am so weak. My resistance is so low. I guess it’s heightened by the fact that I have not been eating much lately.

You screwed me now you disgusting virus you!

P.S. You know that feeling when all your teeth seems to want to fall from your gums then there’s throbbing pain in your elbows and knees? It’s terrible. I saw a little gash of red in my chest but I don’t want to tell them yet because my skin is really very sensitive anyway. But of course, this is not dengue. I just need to go home and rest. Oh I remember, for the past 4 days, I’ve only been sleeping for 3 hours a day. Here’s to a very healthy lifestyle. Cheers.

3 thoughts on “i didn’t mean this

  1. hey you guys, thanks for the thought.

    ayien, will link your wordpress, ok? and yup, see you real soon. my the fort-essensa stalking hasn’t materialized, joke!

    kryzzy, now i will. hahaha!!! i’m kinda ok now, traces of being unwell na lang 🙂

  2. hi ate judie.. i hope you’re feeling okay now.. don’t you take vitamins para di ka agad magkasakit? take care of yourself ha…

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