Random Judie

Break From Hell

I appreciate moments of hearty “laughing sessions” with my colleagues, considering the hell of workload we have now (and will still have in two weeks as another staff will go on a 2-week LOA).

Last night, albeit less livelier than previous years’, we had our annual section party.

I am still thinking of what pictures to post; with the recent security alert, I am certain that it’s not advisable to plaster my colleagues’ faces all over my blog.

On a similar note (pictures), let me just share that for the third time, Starbucks did it again. I find it funny that they recognize my face having been there every night (that they need not look at my receipt as they know what I ordered), yet they seem to always get my name wrong. Last Wednesday, I was:

Anyway, let me tell you I am smiling sincerely now. Still getting bouts of hurt sometimes but it’s not that worth the loneliness anyway. I’m happy as it is, rather than not have this at all. i know I’ve said that more than five times but allow me to just say them over and over again because it soothes me 🙂

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