effing busy

Can’t shout, can’t throw a fit, can’t be a bitch, already ate any leftover there was from Estee’s lunch, so to seal my 10-minute self-impoed break, I am blogging.

Yes, at 5:30 p.m., my day is just about to start, judging from the workload that is currently on my left side (and I’m ignoring the ones on my right side, behind me, and the team’s inbox at the other office).

This is an *insert expletive* day. No kidding. I have no room for underestimation today. That idea you have now as to how shi– err, busy this day has been for me? Multiply it by 999.

I’m so harassed, I don’t even think that a tight hug during a precious silent moment with my man would console me, contrary to what I told Rayan last night. I don’t know what time I’ll wrench myself from my chair today but when it comes, a big cup of coffee and a moment to stare into space for an hour will de-stress me.

The worst part? This is not an overtime work, ergo, no extra pay.

Yes, we’re going to open for business tomorrow, so it will be more chaotic than it is now.

Such things you have to go through to earn money! Some people are just so fucking lucky.

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