I’ve been thinking too much about too many things lately.


Yesterday, while having my reading time and talking to Kryzzy who dropped by the coffee shop, these two drinks kept me company for four hours. I wonder now if they were really for me:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I plan to switch to Globelines Broadband but they do not service our area yet. Same with zpdee, and I wanted it so I can only be billed once for my cable and internet connections. I am having a hard time fixing the terms for PLDT DSL. So I guess I should really stay on prepaid cards as I have been for seven years. Ffff.
I am not overwhelmed by my love problems entirely as you might think. I am confused with something with regard to my career and I have more or less 48 hours to decide, otherwise, it will be too late if I discover I wanted it pala. I said yes to it, I said no, I told people that I won’t, I told them again I might…I dunno. I guess let it be a surprise if I will do it or not. Classic bahala na. You will know, for sure. Ask me on Wednesday morning.
For those who like to relate their current feelings with song lyrics, doesn’t it happen that one song does not entirely speak of what you feel, but only certain parts of it? Or that the whole thought of the song isn’t what you’re really going through, but, say, the chorus hits the nail on the head?
I was rummaging through my cd pile when I listened to my used-to-be-favorite song. You know this, I know:
It was inside that I cried
It was inside that I cried
No long drawn out speeches
No sad tear solves goodbye
It was inside that cried
It was inside that I cried
Don’t be deceived by what you saw
It was inside that I cried
Inside That I Cried, CeCe Peniston

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