Random Judie

i need coffee.

i’ve been to hell and back. allow me to admit that no, i can’t take this (for now). boss, bumalik ka na. boohoo.

i guess i’m not yet made for more pressure at work. or maybe, this is not the type of pressure i want. i don’t know. what do i know?

plus, my personal life has been a mess since april. ironically, all consolations are given to me in a platinum platter, something that i can’t afford to turn down. i am so full with the idea of if only for this, i should be thankful enough. we do not always get what we want because usually something better is coming along. how cheesy, and i’m telling you, i’m so tired of it, too. kaya lang, no matter how much the situation kills you, or the waiting for that something better suffocates you, when reality gives you a dose of something so so so so good, how can you still complain?

i really need coffee. i need to make sense of everything and of course, i need the stickers for the planner. whack.

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