Random Judie


it’s always better to count to a hundred or more before doing something back. you should not fully trust your judgment when emotions are raging high. plus it helps if someone tells you another perspective so you won’t be focused on your initial reaction. now, i’m better.

= i have not paid for the asian films i ordered but i am thinking of adding this one in my list.

= i like jennifer aniston but she really has no commercial value beyond friends. what do you think? i watched her interview with oprah last night and for someone on a roll with 4 movies coming up, i am really skeptic of her appeal at the tills. plus, there never seems to be high raves for her works. this one is an example. i saw another one of this kind, plus a fearless tills prediction, about rumor has it. as many of us know, even if it’s with kevin costner, his own reputation in the box office isn’t as great, too.

= after reading becoming madame mao, i want to get hold of this other book to see what/who meets what/who where.

= a mar roxas supporter made a newsblog for him. actually, patty saw it long before, and i just found out from a daily that it’s actually with the senator’s office’s consent. i emailed rayan about it but the reason is so pathetic. hahaha. goes to show how i love mar, really. that’s what i told him.

= i have not followed in full the summit of the americas but it’s striking to see the difference from a press release to what the media has to say in assessing the event. but then, it’s on how you see it.

am on leave but have to go to the office to do some stuff. hay. can’t say i’m not pissed because i am. i should reread my college communication textbooks to find out what communication confusion this falls under. happy lunch 🙂

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