this goes to the people who took time to tag me.

DEN : thanks for always dropping by. kudos on a job well done! i invited you to be my multiply contact, too πŸ™‚

SHEENA : thanks for always remembering. i hope that your sembreak’s good! πŸ™‚

ALYA MARIE : not really obsession. extreme liking? haha. well, mar and tigger…among the many πŸ™‚

: : oo naapprove na kita. sus. at di ko yon boyfriend. nadiffuse eh. haha. check my friendster and my profile picture will tell you why πŸ™‚

ANNE DY : yup i’ve seen the website, too and it’s no big deal. haven’t been in touch with them in a long time and i haven’t been into camp thingies so it’s cool with me if they don’t include me there.

ATE CATHY : thanks for the new testimonial, and yup i am having fun, as usual. you know why. and oh, i have yet to do what you asked me to, haha! i guess i got stuck making my own babies’ names πŸ™‚ i’m having fun writing them down because i already inserted a mother-in-law’s name, hehe πŸ™‚ haylavet.

KACE : miss you too. hope to see you again soon.

PATTY : it’s a ping pong of i miss you’s but at least we say it often πŸ™‚ your new skin, i like…

MARGIE : thanks for dropping by despite your busy sched. the yg’s been pretty inactive but as you know, we still find time to communicate if something worthy comes up. say hello to mara for me πŸ™‚

ULTRADUST : thanks for the tag. people, i just knew, courtesy of this tag, that switchfoot has a pinoy member, via their guitarist/keyboardist jerome fontamillas! i’m so far behind in following the trail of switchfoot, and their album the beautiful letdown is my only claim to knowing the band. the album really rocks, and i’m sure so is their new album nothing is sound. truth to tell, i have not heard their new song STARS (or i musthave—just too dumb to realize that was it!) but it has topped 99.5 RT’s chart, and rocketing towards other stations’ countdowns πŸ™‚ so support switchfoot not only because of their music but because they have a pinoy member! weeha!

p.s. thanks but no thanks?
i’ve met and dealt with a looot of people, pissed or otherwise, but it’s really different when emotions are involved. while i usually just let people rant all they want, when it’s someone i care for, i tend to always appease, in an effort to calm things down. while i tend to have this, “uh-huh” attitude towards people who are so emotionally overwhelmed, with this person, it’s different. whenever he snaps, i get jolted. buti na lang he knows how to keep my emotions in check, very diligently asking and ensuring it’s okay, and his loyalty has always been with me. reactions are really subjective; could be one innocent question or clarification for someone but for another, it’s something that could make him snap. well, i react like this because it’s not towards me…but if the negative reaction is towards what i said or what i did, what could my reaction be? matatakot? o yun tipong, “aba teka, away ba gusto mo…”? well, who knows?

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