No, I’m not making some art for charity, although I wish I am that talented to pull it off. By “drawing”, I meant not doing tasks and not going to events I expressed interest in. Different factors are in play: priorities, finances, on some level the genuine interest, and tons of excuses.ūüôā HistoryCon? Pop Comicon? […]

I’m on my fifth day of a non-restrictive detox cleanse. I don’t think it helps in managing my moods! I said it previously about snapping easily, but the other end of that spectrum is the silly bout of emotions ranging from self-pity to helplessness. I hate them both — see, hate is a strong word […]


My fuse has been shorter than usual lately. I don’t deny that there are times when my anger management reflects poorly on my personality and I’ve atoned for them many times over. Lately, I can only blame hormones for it. Someone asked me recently if I don’t get tired being angry. I guess I didn’t […]


Agosto na naman and dahil buwan ng wika ito, what better time to promote and encourage Pinoy readers to engage in a¬†readathon of¬†Pinoy-authored books! (Ironic ba, ang lakas maka-Taglish?) Ginawa ko na ito three years ago. Matapos ito, local books have peppered my reading progress. All-year round naman dapat ang appreciation na ito although aminin […]


Someone told me that in order to exorcise someone from your system, try to set aside the romantic aspect of your feelings and think of him as a friend. I mean, ask yourself, “If I am not romantically attracted to this person, would I¬†be friends with him?” Applying it to my case, the answer is […]

Crushingly Close - Cover

The blog tour for Stella Torres’ latest book makes a stop here in Citizen Judie! Crushingly Close Release Date: July 19, 2016 Get the book: Amazon¬†//¬†Goodreads I got an ARC from the author. This in no way affects my honest review of the book. About the Book: At twenty-four years old, Agnes Escueta has risen […]


For the first time in months I had no reason to be out of the house last Saturday. While I slept most it off, I also used a considerable length of time poring over nooks and crannies of our small apartment where my books are. I long stopped listing down books I bought and I […]


The second half of the year is shaping up pretty well. It’s a validation of sorts that people stop me now to talk about the date and immediately after that comes tiny twitches of regret that I wrote about it and was it even worth it. And then I sleep and eat fries and meh, […]


After a week of hemming and hawing, and a little wake up call from trusted friends, I am now laughing at the fact that the date I had last week is not getting another one. I don’t date very often so this is not so much a big deal but another worthy source of “Ano […]

The first half of 2016 didn’t fly as fast as the past years and I can attribute it to opportunities to travel since January.¬†Hindi pa din naman jetsetter levels but knowing me and my attachment to sleeping in and my catatonic extent of TV and movie marathoning, this has been a welcome change. I was […]


With finality, I can say that I am done with online¬†dating. ¬†There wasn’t any “dating” that occurred in almost two years anyway. And before I believe (and you conclude, you heartless judgmental monsters LOL) that there is something fundamentally wrong with me let me tell you: most of its failure was for lack of trying. […]

The strides are still not at par with the desired outcome. But I keep on telling myself, like what this yellow shark thing I found floundering in Underwater World in on Guam seemed to tell me, just keep writing. I came from a fun trip and the shift from putting down my bags to writing […]